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sleepwhisperer podcast002 – How to Understand Full Systems Root Causes of Poor Sleep With Dr Aarthi Soorya
Sleepwhisperer Podcast

002 – How to Understand Full Systems Root Causes of Poor Sleep With Dr Aarthi Soorya

We have none other than Dr Aarthi Soorya, an Integrative Physician with a passion for sleep. Dr. Aarti Soorya is a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, who, alongside the rest of the Natural Balance team, combines conventional medical training with leading-edge concepts in biomedical-functional medicine. Her approaches include holistic prevention and alternatives, detoxification, physical modalities, nutritional therapy, herbs, chelation, and medications (when needed). Dr. Soorya wears many hats in our clinic including co-leading nationally recognised Precision Medicine and Advanced NeuroCare programs and supervising patients undergoing neuro feedback, hyperbaric oxygen, sleep studies, IV therapies, and numerous other clinical activities.

Deepa and Aarthi do a deep dive through systems to discuss physiological root causes of poor sleep.

In this episode, we dive into: 

  • The intersection between adrenal health and sleep is a magical space where healing begins
  • The intersection between gut, liver, blood sugar and sleep
  • The intersection between women’s hormones, cholesterol and sleep is critical
  • What do you feel are the roots of chronic worry?
  • Takeaways of full body systems, blood sugar balance and hormone optimisation

For more on Dr Aarthi Soorya, you can follow her on Instagram @dr.asoorya and on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/dr.asoorya/ and through her clinic website https://www.nbwellness.com 

-For more on Deepa, The Sleep Whisperer, be sure to follow her on Instagram @mysleepwhisperer and @phytothrive_yogini, on Facebook Deepa Kannan. You can also mail Deepa at [email protected] or find her at www.phytothrive.com and www.sleepwhisperer.pro

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