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sleepwhisperer podcast014 – Hormone Deficiency & Bioidentical Hormones
Sleepwhisperer Podcast

014 – Hormone Deficiency & Bioidentical Hormones

Misty Williams is a 15-year entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist, Misty spent years struggling to reclaim her health and vitality after a botched surgery to remove an endometrial cyst, followed by debilitating brain fog, extreme fatigue, tanked hormones, unexplained weight gain (45 lbs in 4 months!), hypothyroidism and thyroid nodules, and premature ovarian failure.

After her doctors told her they didn’t have answers outside of drugs and surgery, Misty embarked on the arduous path of finding answers to reclaim her energy, brain power and figure! She founded HealingRosie.com to provide women with the resources and community to successfully confront the unexpected chronic health issues that are often experienced by high-performing women as they age.

This episode is all about “Hormone Deficiency, Cycle Related Insomnia & Bioidentical Hormones”

  • Misty’s story, endometriosis and challenges after surgical errors and what messed up her sleep so much? What is her deep frustration regarding the medical community?
  • How did Misty cope with the multiple health challenges that impacted her sleep?
  • What is the connection between Serotonin and sleep?
  • How was she able to make the shift that pulled her out of the pathetic state she was in? 
  • When is the role of deficiencies in poor sleep? What are some of the very common nutrient deficiencies that impact sleep?
  • Do hormone deficiencies trigger sleep issues? What can women do?
  • What is the difference between synthetic and bio identical hormones? How can synthetic hormones impact your hormones while bio identical support you? How are these connected to sleep?
  • How does mercury poisoning impact you? How can you detoxify from heavy metals like mercury? 
  • Cycle related insomnia is very real for many women.
  • Is melatonin the wonder sleep supplement? Many people take melatonin and then find it does not help. Is this because there are other things going on within their body or that they have a problem with melatonin itself? What can you do to improve melatonin? What are the other supplements that anyone needs to look at for better sleep? 
  • Is it true that there are people who need less sleep? How can you know if your low sleep is based on sleep genetics or adrenal dysfunction?
  • What are Misty’s personal signature sleep supplements? 
  • What are external and internal stressors?

For more on Misty Williams, you can follow her:

Website: https://healingrosie.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healingrosie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healingrosie

For more on Deepa, The Sleep Whisperer, be sure to follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mysleepwhisperer/  and https://www.instagram.com/phytothrive_yogini/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleepwhisperer and you can also mail Deepa at [email protected] or find her at www.phytothrive.com and www.sleepwhisperer.pro

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