sleepwhisperer podcast015 – Sex Reassignment Surgery & Sleep among Transgenders
Sleepwhisperer Podcast

015 – Sex Reassignment Surgery & Sleep among Transgenders

Shilok Mukatti is a Queer Woman who has undergone Sex Reassignment Surgery. Shilok begins the show with a powerful statement, that gender is a privilege. Shilok is a marriage of celebration and destruction. The powerful feminine energy in herself which she calls it Shakthi is being used to many arts. The two important art that she uses to destroy the patriarchy is Dance and Poetry. She is a National Award recipient for her radio show “Lesbians in the shadows”, from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. She has been awarded many for her work on poetry and been invited to literature festivals like Bangalore Lit Fest, Times Lit Fest, Equal by Rangashankara and so. She has been expertise talking about subjects like – Gender, Sex and Sexuality; Inclusivity and diversity at workspaces; Challenges of LGBTQIA+ Community; Regional(Karnataka) Queer Art and Literature Movement and so. 

We are talking with Shilok about her deeply personal story of Sex Reassignment Surgery, and the connection between the SRS journey and sleep. Wise beyond her 24 years, etched by the myriad experiences that she has faced gracefully, Shilok provided excellent information for anyone on an SRS journey. This episode is also great for you if you want to break the barriers of beliefs and truly embrace every single person out there, in that true direction of inclusivity. We are so excited to have her with us today.

This episode is packed with deep personal information and profoundly sensitive matter that will make you have immense gratitude for your life in every way. 

In this episode, we dive into: 

“Sex Reassignment Surgery & Sleep Challenges among Transgenders and Queers”

  • Shilok’s story and the path that brought her to where she is today, involving acceptance, path and challenges of the journey.
  • The journey of self discovery very early on and fighting for who she is. Why does Shilok say gender is a privilege? 
  • Small town to big discoveries, and psychology to spirituality?
  • How did Shilok make the brave decision to get Sex Reassignment Surgery all by herself? How is this surgery like rebirth?
  • What is the Sex Reassignment Surgery journey? What actually happens and what did Shilok feel physiologically and psychologically through the process? What were the emotions that she went through? How do nutrients play a role in all this? 
  • How do you heal your body through this major transformation?
  • In the process of Sex Reassignment Surgery from male to female, some research has found connections with quality of sleep, increased snoring and daytime sleepiness as a result of the changes in testosterone, estradiol or progesterone. What was Shilok’s response through this process? What are the connections between hormone changes and sleep quality? 
  • Transgender medicine is a growing field with complex patients and limited evidence-based guidance. Androgens and estrogen influence sleep and respiratory stability regardless of sex, and the effect of doses and formulations used in gender transition is unclear. Shilok talks to us about this complexity and uniqueness in each person.
  • Sleep can be very supportive to the Sex Reassignment Surgery journey, so if those struggling with these challenges can be clinically diagnosed and supported, it can actually help the transitional journey. What’s Shilok’s routine in the evening which helps her wind down and sleep better? 
  • Is there a practice that she includes into her life which improves her resilience to stress?
  • When it comes to sleep during the Sex Reassignment Surgery journey, Shilok shares her personal recommendations for individuals to support themselves better.

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