Uncategorized043 – From Blindness, Paralysis & Insomnia To Author with Vanessa Potter

043 – From Blindness, Paralysis & Insomnia To Author with Vanessa Potter

Author, TEDx speaker and meditation advocate, Vanessa Potter became a “human guinea-pig” for science when an extraordinary experience changed the course of her life. After spending 16 years as an award-winning producer, fate intervened In October 2012 when Vanessa suddenly found herself temporarily blind and paralysed following a neurological illness. A deep curiosity to better understand the mechanics of her mind propelled her down a new, science-communication path. A number of science-art collaborations with Cambridge neuroscientists led to an immersive EEG exhibition. Vanessa publishes her second book, Finding Her Right Mind: One Woman’s Experiment to put Meditation to the Test in April 2021 through Welbeck. She lives in London, UK with her husband and two children.


  • How did Vanessa lose sight in 2012 and what did that lead her to experiment with and tackle problems like sleep, anxiety and stress?


  • Specific sleep issues are based upon triggers. What are triggers? How might it be unique to each person? How is this linked to trust?


  • What was Vanessa’s sleep experiment? What did she learn from this experiment where she recorded live brain activity as she explored self hypnosis and mindfulness?


  • How might someone use bad sleep as a means to investigate and tease out those hidden and unhelpful beliefs?


  • Using self hypnosis for insomnia before potentially triggering events had incredible results but it also did not fully resolve Vanessa’s sleep issues. What did it teach her?


  • With all these experiments that she has done on herself which also provides us with evidence based discoveries in the field of self hypnosis, what does she share for all of us who are struggling with poor sleep?


  • What did she learn from her discoveries and finding some profound realisations regarding different modalities including Vipassana, Buddhist meditation, mantra, TM, psychedelics, hypnosis, breath work, kundalini yoga, and mindfulness?


  • What did the psychedelics do for her mind?


  • When it came to sleep, she found that one of these was the clear winner. How can someone use this?


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Deepa is a Yoga therapist for over two decades and a Functional Nutritionist for five. She brings together her experience in therapeutic & transformational yoga and deep learning in nutrition based on the principles of functional medicine to her practice Phytothrive. The focus has been on merging together the deep science of the functional world with the deep symbolism of ancient wisdom. She has a masterful understanding of the human anatomy with cohesive understanding of physiology to offer what can be classified as true bio-individual mind, body & spirit nutrition. Having a son with a rare adrenal condition gave her a deep insight into the working of the adrenals and the stress response, as it relates to all health and sleep. 


Her articles have been shared by Dr Mark Hyman, MD, a 13 times NY Times Bestselling Author twice. She also gave the opening speech on Health Hacks at Amazon Web Services & YourStory HeathTech 2019 to heads of healthcare start-ups in India. Deepa has twenty years of experience in wellness, where she has focus on sleep nutrition, women’s health, detoxification, skin health and adrenal function. She is in the YourStory100 Digital Influencers Of 2020.


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Book Acquisition by HarperCollins India

Here’s that exciting news I spoke about to coincide with the one year anniversary of The Sleep Whisperer Podcast! Writing a book and becoming part of that magical group of authors is a dream!

Three years ago I wrote a book which I titled Sleep Whisperer, looking at sleep from a very in depth perspective, and tying together the cutting-edge science of functional medicine and eastern ancient wisdom. The story of how I wrote that book is indeed magical and a mixture of spiritual guidance and astrology(by my spiritual guide and mentor Shyam @himalayan.yogi ). It’s also been a lot of sacrifice and hard work during times that were stressful, challenging and testing in all ways.

The journey of the book from concept to acquisition is also a magical path which I will share much later. For now, I’m just humbled, grateful and quite simply excited to announce that the book has been acquired by Sonal Nerurkar @sonal_nerurkar of @harpercollinsin HarperCollins India! Sonal’s faith in the book has been unwavering and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I can’t wait for the final book release next year!

None of this would be possible without the trust, hard work, dedication and patience of my most beautifully warm literary agent Jayapriya Vasudevan @jayapriyavasudevan of Jacaranda Literary Agency. I cannot put into words what her belief in the book and being my warrior for it means to me.

I’m also deeply grateful for the dear colleagues and mentors who have made contributions to the book. That is a surprise for later! You can follow everything about the sleep podcast and book at @mysleepwhisperer

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