Facts about Functional Nutrition

Oxford Dictionary defines Functional as having a functional role, and designed to be functional and useful, and in operation and good working condition. Have you ever felt frustrated when the nothing has worked for you in that vicious loop of ill health? Where medication for something has behaved as a trigger for another health challenge?

The Powers that Plants Provide

Why Phytonutrients? The meeting ground between Vegans and Omnivores In the world of Nutrition and food, the only thing that is usually a constant is that it is dynamic. Thoughts change all the time. New research flips old ones on their head. Fat phobia becomes keto. There is the age old battle between Vegans and

The Mind of our Body

Most of us today have either fallen in love with yoga, practice some form of yoga or definitely know what is yoga. We know that Yoga means Mind Body Union. Many decades ago, or many generations ago, life was a wonderful union between people, practices, work and food. We ate what we grew, perhaps in

Root Vegetable Wedges

Most people who have worked with me for Functional Nutrition love their French Fries! This recipe was created to give those who are just starting their journey into healthy eating, as something to replace those fries with!