Should you be drinking from a Copper Vessel?

With everyone going crazy over drinking water from copper bottles, is this something that is really the next magic potion or can it be harmful for someone?  Copper has suddenly made a big comeback hasn’t it? I started finding it being sold in Yoga stores, Organic stores, all the spiritual franchises of ashrams and even

Gluten free “Non Maggi” Noodles

Crowd out those processed food cravings of your children with this much heathier version of curry rice noodles Maggi Noodles has been a source of controversy for such a long time. With both children and adults practically addicted to it, the list of ingredients on it screams inflammation. It mostly contains wheat and soy, two

Functional Kids-An Introduction to Functional Nutrition in Kids

As another Mom, and as someone who believes that I want more for my child, and someone who firmly believes that I have the power to give more, my learning, research and practice has led me to make that difference in not just the life of my own child, but in the lives of children

Inflammation, Ibuprofen, Mucosa and Inflammation

Psychology of our physiology  INFLAMMATION, IBUPROFEN, MUCOSA AND  INFLAMMATION Functional Nutrition looks at the powerful intersection between food, physiology and psychology. It is truly mind body nutrition. It is the area where everything is interconnected. Our food, our body and our mind. True Mind Body Nutrition is who we are after the food we eat

The 108 Suryanamaskar Craze and Crash

What does repeated practice of a 108 Suryanamaskars or any intense yoga practice do to your body and at what cost? 108 Suryanamskars has become a massive craze! From the Bollywood divas swearing by it for the size zero body, to Yoga Studios creating a 10 day challenge for people to feel accomplished, to those

Phyto Facts-Papaya

Papayas are thought to have originated in Mexico and Central America, but are now available in all tropical countries. Papayas contain Carotenoids more powerful than in tomatoes and carrots! Papayas are thought to have originated in Mexico and Central America, but are now available in all tropical countries. Whoever said that Choline is present only

Epigenetics Impact

‘The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. Epi in greek means Above, so it means Above Genetics’ – Oxford Dictionary Epigenetics refers to a change in the phenotype without a change in the genotype We all have a unique set of genes,