The flipside of meal replacement wonder shakes

Is the wonder meal replacement shake really the best way forward? What are the ingredients that go into some of them? Are they truly keeping up to all that they claim to be or is there a deeper side to this? You’ve seen the advertisements talking about this wonder drink that replaces a meal. It

Why is your child craving sweets?

Are you torn between giving in to your child’s cravings and demands for sweets and getting frustrated at the tantrums if you don’t give in? Isn’t it immensely stressful when some of our friends come home, and our child keeps asking us for a lollypop, chocolate or candy repeatedly, interrupting all conversation, until either we

Functional Impact from Tattoos

Everybody has a tattoo or wants a tattoo to mark a major life event or emotion. Johnny Depp even said that his body is his journal and his tattoos are his story. Many yoga students of mine spoke about what to get for a tattoo. Is a tattoo a proud depiction of your life story

The Terrain of your body

Have you ever become frustrated when you spend a lot of your time in researching your signs, symptoms and diagnosis, only to find that each protocol you try after your own research or by a friend’s recommendation, leaves you with new symptoms, lack of resolution or helplessness? Protocols and magic pills do not exist, and