Supporting Brain Health with Ancient Tools

In the year 2015, researchers defined a system in the human body which they called the glymphatic system, a system which removes waste from the brain and detoxifies the brain, a discovery that could mean a world of difference for neurological conditions. This new research has been a major system of attention in Functional Medicine

The wonderful health reboot of Ramzan

As mankind has evolved over time, as we have brought in structure and community into our societies, traditions in different religions have been one way of structure. In the Muslim tradition, Ramzan is a wonderful opportunity to reassess your diet and lifestyle, and support your body in a process of recovery, provided that it is

Is Aluminium safe for Brain Health?

At one point in time, many of our homes used Aluminium cookware. I recall my grandparents saying that food would cook faster in Aluminium vessels. Today, while I resort to ancestral guidance for many things that I am confused with, I do everything within my hands to educate everyonw around me on the dangers of

Grapefruit Recipe

Glorious Grapefruit Peel Relish For Better Digestion

Glorious Grapefruit Peel Relish If you’ve been enjoying my recipes, I apologise for the delay. As you know, I create recipes as unique anti-inflammatory recipes. Every recipe is curated through the principles of functional medicine, with an intention to support some body system. I know how you might struggle with digestion, which is really at