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“You cannot always CONTROL EXTERNAL influence on your body. But you can always control what goes into your BODY.”

Hi! My name is Deepa and I’m here to help you find the balanced nutrition for your health and wellness.

Restore Your Health With Functional Medicine Nutrition

Functional Medicine Nutrition addresses the underlying causes of disease, using systems, frameworks and tools, facilitates building a therapeutic partnership between the patient and the practitioner, and firmly believes that each Individual is remarkably unique. It is a phenomenal approach to healthcare as we move forward in time. Every story is absolutely unique. Your stressors are unique. Your history is unique. Your condition is unique. Your situation is unique. Even the microbiome in your gut is unique. What makes you feel better or worse is unique! In a world where conditions are being treated and where symptoms are being merely suppressed, and in a world where we may not find resolution to our health crises even after seeing various specialists, the functional approach is refreshing, and it is required.

Hi! My name is Shyam and I’m here to help you find the confidence you need to start your health journey

Shyam Prasad Nair

Phytothrive Was Born to Transform Your Health Challenges

Phytothrive, Functional Nutrition Redefined, was born from the churning of today’s lifestyle difficulties and diseases that is growing at a frighteningly rapid pace worldwide. The redefining moment was the discovery of Functional Medicine and Nutrition by us and as we were already in the field of wellness with being experts in yoga and wellness , it positively and powerfully impacted our decision to bring this wholistic health support system to India through Phytothrive. A holistic approach based on the principles of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition was the need of the hour. Being Yoga Gurus par excellence for two decades, the Founders of Phytothrive saw the ultimate journey of today’s generation from lifestyle catastrophes towards transformative healing, and from this vision and compassion, Phytothrive was born. With a vision to transform preventative healthcare through Functional Nutrition, Phytothrive aims to offer multiple programs from bioindividual counselling to group cleanses and detoxes targeted at specific change. All over the world, nutrition evolves constantly.

Hi! My name is Mukesh and I believe Phytothrive has the potential to transform the landscape of therapeutic nutrition.

K L Mukesh

Phytothrive is at the crossroads of Transformative Therapy

Are you ready to find out what is your unique blueprint and how to care for it and nurture it? Are you ready to get to the root of your signs, symptoms and diagnosis? If you find some or all of these stories resonating with you or someone you really care about, and think its time to take charge of your body and your health, Functional Nutrition Counselling Services is your answer. We are here every step of the way, to hold your hand through the process and build that therapeutic partnership. Together, we will understand your bio-individuality and use time tested tools and frameworks and look towards root cause resolution. Just like there might be multiple signs, symptoms and diagnosis, there might likely be multiple root causes. This is probably why searching for that one magic pill is probably going to be a lost cause.

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The essence of any nutrition is for restoration of balance in your health. Find the right balance with Phytothrive’s unique bioindividual approach to nutrition.

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