Phytothrive, Functional Nutrition Redefined, was born from the churning of today’s lifestyle difficulties and diseases that is growing at a frighteningly rapid pace worldwide. The redefining moment was the discovery of Functional Medicine and Nutrition by Deepa, and how it positively and powerfully impacted her own personal health challenges. A holistic approach based on the principles of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition was the need of the hour. Being Yoga Gurus par excellence for two decades, the Founders of Phytothrive saw the ultimate journey of today’s generation from lifestyle catastrophes towards transformative healing, and from this vision and compassion, Phytothrive was born.
With a vision to transform preventative healthcare through Functional Nutrition, Phytothrive aims to offer multiple programs from bioindividual counselling to group cleanses and detoxes targeted at specific change. All over the world, nutrition evolves constantly.
Trying to find a common ground between contradictory nutritional philosophies, from Vegan to Omnivore, from low carb to high fat, Phytothrive was created understanding that what exists in some form across the world of Nutritional beliefs is Phytonutrients. Powerful research in Functional Medicine has proven again and again, the power of each phytonutrient, even to reverse degenerative diseases. Ultimately, we all need Phytonutrients to thrive. Thus, was born Phytothrive. Join us, in this movement towards transformative, preventative healthcare, in whatever way that works for you, be it in individual care for you or in our cleanses or just join our mailing list and stay updated towards the series of blogs on Functional Nutrition and Phytothrive.

What sets Phytothrive apart?

Bringing together two decades of experience in therapeutic and transformational Yoga and deep learning in Functional Nutrition, Phytothrive truly understands the unique body, mind and spirit. Bringing together that masterful understanding of the human anatomy with powerful understanding of physiology, we offer what can only be classified as true bioindividual body-mind nutrition.


The Strategy session is a Free 15 minute call, where we connect personally, and we take the time for you to understand what truly is Functional Nutrition, a loose outline of the strategy we will use for your unique case and how can it really help you. It is only when we connect and understand the depth of what is required, that we can offer you what is required to suit you best. It is a time for you to understand how we work, and an opportunity for us to introduce you to the truly bioindividual philosophy of Functional Nutrition. It is not a session for Nutritional counselling itself. That requires time and effort to tease apart your history. As Functional Nutrition is Not Protocol based, it does not end with us giving you the best way to eat that exists today. Rather it helps you understand that there is a process with time tested frameworks and tools that help us to create care for you specifically suited to you. The strategy session is to understand the process before you decide to commit.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Functional Nutrition

Do you want to know what exactly is Functional Nutrition? Tried looking it up but seem overwhelmed by what is out there? It all starts with the foundation!