Hi!! I’m Deepa!

I’m an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner and Functional Nutritionist in India, pioneering a movement in Functional Nutrition, one that is set to move and change the horizon of nutritional practices which has been stagnating and struggling to rise above the one size fits all approach.

I envision myself to be a tool in the hands of Functional Nutrition practice, to change the perception and the difficulties that everyone of you face in day to day life with your body, mind and spirit. I hope to evolve practices and advice to uplift you from your state of helplessness and despair, and passionately transform your well being and spirit. My passion is to teach you to use food, lifestyle and how you connect with yourself and your world to restore yourself in ways you never thought was possible.  I want to help you discover why you feel tired, stressed, unwell or simply not your best and realise how to change this. I am here to hold your hands through this process, guiding you through that journey of discovery no matter how hopeless , challenging or desperate you think your health is. I’ve been there myself and I know.

Where there is help, there is hope. And where there is hope, there is always healing!

As a Yoga teacher for close to two decades, I found a way to understand anatomy, structure and conditions in ways that led me to resolve and relieve complex problems. While I was being searched out in this regard, deep down my personal journey was another story. As a child I battled with several allergies and hives, in reaction to certain foods, and it was so traumatic, that the only way those around me knew how to deal with it was pump me with steroids. Can you imagine a teenage girl constantly battling with rashes or acne, at a time in life when no young girl should? Many years later, being in a bad marriage, I battled with candida issues and recurrent urinary infections and overwhelm, where the only solution seemed to be repeated antibiotics and anti-fungals and crying a lot. Finally, after breaking from that marriage, I met someone wonderful and had a child, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic Adrenal disorder which was pathological and required him to be steroid dependant for life. I went through anxiety, anger, denial, grief and finally acceptance. Probably triggered by all this stress once again, I was found to have cervical erosion, and scared into thinking that it might be leading towards cervical cancer, so I battled a few more years of antibiotics, had a complete collapse of my immunity, desperate insomnia, volatile moods and hormonal upheavals. I reached a rock bottom where I thought I would never again feel healthy, happy, calm and fresh. I discovered Ayurveda, which got me out of that terrible loop, but I kept needing medication every now and then.

By now, I had no answer for the numerous times people asked me “How can you have so many health challenges?” What was the answer? What could I respond when I did not have the answer myself? I needed to discover this myself? I knew the huge amounts of stress throughout my life played a part. I knew the repeated drugs in childhood played a part. And, I knew that my state of health in pregnancy had played a part in why the mutated gene had expressed itself as the full condition in my son. But, I did not accept to myself that I was human too, my body and mind were subject to the stressors around me like anyone else, even if my resilience was high and more than this I wanted to know how to connect the dots, or how to come out of this place. I knew I wanted the power of my health, my body and my mind, back in my own hands!

When a renowned nutritionist in India was unaware of my son’s condition or how to help, it was my turning point. I wanted me to be responsible. For me, for my son and for those around me. No more did I want to be asked how could I be sick! No more did I not want to have an answer for them or for myself! I took a leap of faith and went back to school when I was in my late thirties and became a Functional Nutritionist. I learned how to understand the connections that go right back to our childhood, and even before to our time in utero and our genetics, I connected the dots between repeated antibiotics and various conditions, and why genes express sometimes, but not every time. I understood my history, and my skin went from 20 years of acne and eczema to calm and relaxed. Someone who saw me after all of this did not even believe I had that history! Quite simply, I connected the dots, and it was beautifully enlightening!

Today, I want to share this with you, if this resonates with you. Our conditions may differ, but deep down, we all have a story, we all have our history and we all have our challenges. How can you move away from your past to a future full of vigour, health, clarity and balance? How can we bring the power to heal back into our own hands? Thus was born my vision for Functional Nutrition in India. Today as an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Functional Nutritionist, I want to help you connect your story and history to your health, I want to hold your hands as we work our way towards root cause resolution rather than the bandaid approach of covering things up. I want to build a therapeutic partnership with you so we connect the dots of your unique story and your unique body so that you can come back to the state of balance that you deserve. How can we alter your terrain? It takes time and it takes a dedicated guide, to walk through this with you, using systems and frameworks, and that is why I am here. Are you ready to take charge of your own health? Are you ready to want more than the bandaid approach of covering up symptoms? Are you ready to walk this walk on a journey that can give you back your health, your body and your life? Let’s do this together!

Yoga and the Functional approach are my whole life. When I look beyond that, I walk around our organic farm or the surrounding forest with my husband, cuddle up with my son, passionately take care of our five furries, paint, listen to mentors talks, work on a vision for children’s growth disorder Support group for India, cook healthy food for my family that has to taste good.

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