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Shyam Prasad Nair

Chief Operating Officer, Head of Marketing

Maverick organic farmer, food connoisseur, health freak and a spiritualist who advocates holistic living for the essence of connecting with body, mind and spirit. We could not picture a better person to fit and promote Phytothrive, because of his passion in every subject related to health and wellness. He brings with him a host of marketing experience and brand management from his previous avatar in the Corporate world. He truly leads the life of a Yogi, one who is born with a magical green thumb.

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Deepa Kannan

Founder & CEO

A Yogini who has transformed her thoughts, beliefs and health into reality through hard work, dedication, patience and perseverance, Deepa understands the individual with great depth. Food critic, connoisseur chef, maverick perfectionist, go-getter and a compassionate human being, Deepa can be summed up to be a holistic Functional Nutrition counsellor for mindful, healthful, and joyful living. An avid researcher, adaptive personality to the changes life brings, she uplifts others to practice what she recommends about well being and happiness, in order to bring revitalising change, so they can transform their health, body, mind and spirit.

Our conditions may differ, but deep down, we all have a story, we all have our history and we all have our challenges.