Farah Ahmed Mathias
Co-Founder, Partner and Principal Designer FADD Studio

In any profession, the qualities that distinguish the good from the best are wisdom, experience, discipline, patience, confidence and perseverance. In the capacity of a yoga teacher, Deepa embodies all these characteristics in the most humble and graceful ways. She has always told me that Yoga isn’t an exercise but a way of life and I am witness to this. The discipline in her life is exemplary – from what she eats, the number of hours she sleeps, the yoga she does – and her study of the practice is deep-rooted. She stresses that nothing should be done in a transient way but anything one adopts should integrate itself into ones life and followed through consistently, appropriately and permanently. In fact, anything Deepa puts her mind to is carefully researched before implemented. The advice she dispels, whether it is for a knee injury or a weight issue; whether it is for sleeplessness or pregnancy; whether it is for a broken heart or stress; is thoughtful, holistic and long-lasting. Deepa doesn’t follow trends that boast quick results but instead practices the authentic methods, which ultimately trump short-lived crazes. Deepa’s role as a yoga teacher naturally blended into friendship. She is a loving person who listens, a steadfast support who can be leaned on, and a generous and golden heart that is always open!

Where do I even begin when it comes to my amazing Deepa Aunty? Since I was a little girl, Deepa Aunty has been a constant in my life. When I first met her, I felt a sense of love and compassion that made me open up to her immediately. Over the years, I have noticed that Deepa Aunty is an incredibly empathetic person by nature; she understands you and makes note of the little details all the time. When I meet Deepa Aunty and we sit down to talk, I feel like I could be completely honest and frank with her because I value her counsel and advice. Deepa Aunty never focuses on the superficial, she has the rare ability to analyze and decipher emotions and problems at a deeper level. Her knowledge about the harmony between the body, mind and environment is astounding. The calmness and peace that surrounds her gives her an energy and clarity that makes her intuition sharp and poignant. Seeing Deepa Aunty at work is another testament to her ability to be incredibly focused. I’m grateful to have such a humble, warm and loving person like Deepa Aunty in my life.

Shefali Mehra
Student at the University of Miami

Kiron Shah
Managing Director, Velankani Group

Deepa has a professional and methodical approach with a great deal of experience. She is a health expert who comes with a deep knowledge of yoga, not only as a science but also as a philosophy. I have known her for more than a decade & I continue to express my gratitude to be associated with a sincere yogi and look forward to her expertise in Functional Nutrition as well

Deepa has this innate sense of looking much deeper than the surface. She sees a person along with their conscious and subconscious. Her understanding of individual psychology is remarkable. Deepa, who I have known personally for nine years, is an extremely holistic individual in the way she leads life. Deepa is committed in acquiring new concepts and is openminded in adapting to newer approaches. This will reflect in her commitment to nutrition. She, herself, practices holistic nutrition with a balanced diet. I credit years of association with Deepa for my own inclination towards holistic living.

Dr. Chhavi Mehra
Quality Head, Senior Physician Telerad RxDx and Clinics

Puja Singh Nadhani
Founder and Designer, Quench

Deepa is a powerhouse of knowledge, kindness, health and strength. For all the times I’ve met her, I’ve only come to believe in this powerhouse. We started with Yoga but it became about a way of living a fulfilled life which is full of health, growth : exercise and nutrition.
Deepa’s knowledge is always backed by immense amount of research and she is someone who preaches what she has practiced on herself first.
She was amazing during my pregnancy as a true Guru, helped me both externally and internally. Her knowledge of yoga and human body is in depth and that helps in treating problems as well as general well being. Throughout the session, she is constantly correcting, perfecting you to achieve the most. Deepa is someone who extends her hands out to help even before it’s asked. A rare combination of a gentle soul with a strong determination.
With the new badge in the name of Phytothrive, I can only be happy for the expansion of her knowledge and for those who’ll benefit from it. Way to go Deepa! To more healing.