Functional Medicine Nutrition addresses the underlying causes of disease, using systems, frameworks and tools, facilitates building a therapeutic partnership between the patient and the practitioner, and firmly believes that each Individual is remarkably unique.  It is a phenomenal approach to healthcare as we move forward in time.

Every story is absolutely unique. Your stressors are unique. Your history is unique. Your condition is unique. Your situation is unique. Even the microbiome in your gut is unique. What makes you feel better or worse is unique! In a world where conditions are being treated and where symptoms are being merely suppressed, and in a world where we may not find resolution to our health crises even after seeing various specialists, the functional approach is refreshing, and it is required.

I know that I found no resolution to my health challenges in spite of trying so many things. Why was the best of the best unable to resolve things? Why were my labs within range most of the time, but I was still not “functional”? Even if you and I have the same condition, our approach to balance might not be the same. Your history and triggers are so different to my history and my triggers. Your digestion is unique to you. Your immune capability is different to mine. The toxins to which you are exposed are different to what I am exposed to. What is inflammatory to you is unique. The deficiencies to which you are prone to are different to what I may be susceptible to. How your body produces energy is unique to you. Your ability to breakdown and detoxify toxins is unique to you. Your hormones and how they work in tandem is unique to you, and how they do not work in balance and impact you is also unique to you. Has there been impact to your body structurally which impact you in a unique way? How well you sleep is unique to you? All of this has contributed to how “functional” you are today, at this moment. Functional Nutrition understand this “bio-individuality”. There is no one size fits all.

Getting to the roots of your health challenges takes time, and it takes someone with a deep understanding of how to connect the dots between your unique history and your unique state of health today. No more should anyone settle for calorie restricted diets at the cost of health. No more should anyone blindly follow what those around them are following. Not only is this not bio-individual, it is downright scary and can be dangerous. Accepting yourself as a unique individual with a unique story, history and health challenges is functional. Knowing that it requires root cause resolution to reverse health challenges is functional. Knowing that it takes time and working in partnership with a dedicated Functional Nutritionist is the functional approach. By listening to your story and taking time with a thorough Intake, by weeding out what is uniquely inflammatory to you, by understanding your deficiencies, from a functional perspective, by knowing what is your situation and how to work with it, I am going to hold your hand as we journey towards a state of health.

The Functional Nutritionist is not an accountability partner on the most difficult and restrictive diet. Neither is the Functional Nutritionist someone who provides a magic pill or protocol for conditions, symptoms or diagnoses. A Functional Nutritionist is an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner with clinical assessment skills that can help you with root cause resolution unique to your bio-individuality, using functional systems and frameworks, and walk the walk with you to reclaim your health and your life. Keen to know more or can’t wait to get started?

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A Beginner’s Guide to Functional Nutrition

Do you want to know what exactly is Functional Nutrition? Tried looking it up but seem overwhelmed by what is out there? It all starts with the foundation!