The Strategy session is a Free 15 minute call, where we connect personally, and we take the time for you to understand what truly is Functional Nutrition, a loose outline of the strategy we will use for your unique case and how can it really help you. It is only when we connect and understand the depth of what is required, that we can offer you what is required to suit you best. It is a time for you to understand how we work, and an opportunity for us to introduce you to the truly bioindividual philosophy of Functional Nutrition. It is not a session for Nutritional counselling itself. That requires time and effort to tease apart your history. As Functional Nutrition is Not Protocol based, it does not end with us giving you the best way to eat that exists today. Rather it helps you understand that there is a process with time tested frameworks and tools that help us to create care for you specifically suited to you. The strategy session is to understand the process before you decide to commit.