Bioindividual Nutrition


“Your IDENTITY  is unique. Then why not your NUTRITION?  I can help you identify your Bioindividual Nutrition.”

You need the unique Bioindividual Nutrition to transform your health not one size fit all diet !

What is so unique about Bioindividual Nutrition?

Think of two people in the same family of who are dear friends. In one woman’s life, she develops severe acid reflux a few months after the birth of her child. Her gastroenterologist puts her on a course of antacids but it just does not get any better. In fact, it gets worse. Her dear friend advises her on home remedies for acid reflux, a miracle drink which worked magically on her, and sends her links to 10 ways to cure acid reflux. None of it work, and eventually she develops severe inflammation of her Esophageal Spinchter and secondary symptoms of nausea, dizziness, headaches, vertigo and motion sickness. In this weakened terrain of her upper digestive system, bacteria start to attack and she is advised an Endoscopy and further tests for Heliobacterpylori. A course of strong antibiotics further erodes the mucous membranes of her upper digestive tract and she is caught in a vicious loop unable to break this.
bioindividual nutrition

Why do you need Functional Medicine Nutritionist?

bioindividual nutrition

What is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist? How is it different from a Health Coach? How can it help me personally?

Here are the unique ways in which a Functional Nutritionist will look at supporting you: Understanding your history in depth and make sense of how you reached your present state of health Analyse your history and symptoms and understand the root causes of your health challenges, in order to resolve them deep within rather than on the surface Approach you with deep empathy and respect you as a person, rather than just your disease Recommend changes in diet and lifestyle, but continuously track the process, constantly modifying to support your unique body and reactions Empower you with the knowledge you require to understand your body and what can support you, so that you become empowered in managing your own health at all times The fact is that getting to the root of complex health challenges takes time and patience, and it is just not possible to apply a set of protocols or an ideal diet and expect it work for everyone. A Functional Nutritonist is someone with clinical assessment skills, who is trained to read your labs from a Functional perspective. A Functional Nutritionist has the ability to work through complex cases and can problem solve along the way. Clinical assessment and looking at your serum labs from a Functional perspective is an art. Looking at labs from a Functional perspective is very unique, and it allows a Functional Nutritionist to understand the interconnection between all your body systems, and provides you with a targeted approach created just for you. How is Functional Nutrition different from health coaching? Once you know the differences, you will be able to understand better, which option will suit you. Compared to health coaching, here are some of the ways in which a Functional Nutritionist is unique: Helps you to unravel the complex root causes of your signs, symptoms and diagnosis Uses clinical assesment skills and functional lab analysis to understand your unique body Recommends diets, tests and supplement protocols and tracks your progress continuously using frameworks and modifies constantly Is trained in understanding complex health conditions and can problem solve along the way Does not recommend a one size fits all ideal diet but recommends the dietery changes you require at the moment in order to heal Understands the most complex issues but uses a highly individualised approach, and empowers you constantly with the knowledge you need to then stay healthy and full of vitality

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Phytothrive is at the crossroads of Transformative Therapy

Phytothrive’s Bioindividual Nutrition is a unique approach to customise your nutrition based on your genetic foundation. In the world of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition, it is recognised that we are all biochemically unique. Our health today is the result of our life story, stressors, genetics, microbial balance and much more. To truly heal, rather than applying protocols, we need to get back to understanding what led to our health challenges and learn to restore balance.

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The essence of any nutrition is for restoration of balance in your health. Find the right balance with Phytothrive’s unique bioindividual approach to nutrition.

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