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RecipesBrain Healing Stuffed Avocado with Chickpea

Brain Healing Stuffed Avocado with Chickpea

I simply love meals which bring everything I need into one dish! For who has time to sit and prepare multiple things in today’s world? Phyto Bites are powerful and potent recipes, which are therapeutic, healing and with a powerful intention to heal behind each and every recipe! You’re going to love this as well! In case you were the one who wrote to me asking for more recipes, this is to remind you that Phyto Bites comes every Tuesday into your mail box. Phyto bites are specially curated anti-inflammatory recipes, created for healing and empowering different systems in your body.

Let me tell you why you are going to love this one! Every one of us requires healing deep within our brains. We are struggling with stress, immense responsibilities, sometimes lack of sleep, excessive medication, disease, depression and much more. Our brains need some tender loving care! 

Let’s breakdown the ingredients of this recipe before going into it.

  1. Chickpeas– Chickpeas are loaded with nutrients. They contain fibre, protein, folate, iron, phosphorus, copper and manganese. They also will help you with feelings of satiety and help you regulate your blood sugar! For more information on what each of these vitamins and minerals do in your body, download my Vibrant Vitamins Might Minerals E-Book!
  2. Avocado– Avocados are incredibly nutritious! They are powerful parts of the modern keto diet, and are potent brain foods. We have avocado trees and are blessed with super creamy avocados. While avocados taste great with just some olive oil, this one will help you satisfy your indian tastebuds, if you love indian food! They contain excellent fats, folate, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Potassium and Vitamin B6. They can help you lower your triglycerides. 
  3. Spices– Spices are brain healing foods! Indian spices are used all over the world to improve cognition, mood and reduce brain inflammation

Before you get started on the recipe, remember that food is medicine! Allow yourself to enjoy every phase of food, from preparation to creation to consumption! This is my mantra. This is also why I strongly believe that food should be easy to make. It should not frustrate you, yet it should make your mouth water and it should leave you feeling wonderful at the end of your meal! So try this out, write in to share your thoughts and personal tweaks, and get cooking!


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