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Choosing the Right Multivitamin

Why do you need a multivitamin at all?  This is something I get asked a lot, wherever I speak.

  • Modern agriculture and the growing food market has stripped the soil of nutrients and taken away the mineral and vitamin rich properties of our food. While organic and whole foods which are not processed can be wonderful, most of the soil today lacks minerals.
  • We’ve also changed our lifestyle so much, that we constantly put pressure on ourselves and on our body. Many medications deplete vitamins in our bodies. Sugar is the greatest source of vitamin and mineral depletion, and the truth is, a large majority of people still eat high sugar diets.

Taking all of this into account, and adding the number one cause of all disease and symptoms, which is stress, it’s no wonder that disease is growing so much. Stress destroys sleep, and lack of sleep is a major stressor! You might be able to fast and be without food therapeutically, but you cannot be without sleep. Finding the right multivitamin multimineral supplements, can gently guide you back towards creating your own better health which is filled with greater energy!

I began to look for natural supplements that helped, anything from vitamins and minerals to herbal tinctures and herbal teas. I see more and more people taking medication, and finding that they do not work every time, or perhaps not after some time. 

Through years of research, trial and error, I finally did find the best multivitamin supplements for everyone. 

How do you know which supplements are right for you? It’s hard when you have to keep experimenting with what friends have tried, or someone has recommended. Someone who  may not know you or what are the root causes of your ill health.

The choices and information can just be too much, leaving you grasping for the right information for you and totally confused! Think of supplements as “supportive elements”.  What supportive means is that, if someone has a healthy diet in place and has a lifestyle that is healthy as well, then the right high quality supplements can be supportive and complementary. No supplement can outsmart an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. This is very important, as many people take a multivitamin with the assumption that it will negate all the ill effects of a poor diet that is high in gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, all of which can make you deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Some frameworks for choosing your multivitamin!

With thousands of multivitamins on the market, it’s definitely difficult to find the right one for you. It’s common to have suggestions made by a friend, but here’s something that you need to ask yourself when you get a recommendation from someone. Does the person who made the recommendation have some qualification, experience or scope to be suggesting that supplement? Without this having a satisfactory answer, you are probably going to run the risk of putting yourself at risk. I’ll run through some frameworks for choosing the right multivitamin so you are well equipped to avoid making a mistake!

  1. Good multivitamins are made without non GMO ingredients. They should be listed as free from gluten, dairy, sugar, corn and soy. This is the first essential since multivitamins with gluten or soy can be the source of your problem. It’s also ideal if your multivitamin is listed as hypoallergenic.
  2. It should not contain folic acid. While most supplements, especially in India, contain folic acid, it’s not ideal. folic acid is synthetic, and needs to be converted in your body, in your liver to the active form of folate. This can put undue stress on your whole body. Synthetic folic acid has been linked to risk for cancer, while methyfolate has been found to be more protective. Instead, your multivitamin should contain methyl folate, which is the active form of folate.
  3. It should not contain B12 as cyanocobalamin. Just like folic acid, this is a synthetic form which can convert to either methycobalamin or adenosylcobalamin. Methylcobalamin is better absorbed and also found in whole foods.
  4. Your multivitamin should not contain Calcium without Magensium, D3 and K2. Without all together, Calcium can cause inflammation, oxalates and pain in your joints. Further, most people are deficient in magnesium, so make sure that your multivitamin has magnesium.
  5. It should not contain synthetic colours and binders. Apart from gluten, dairy, corn, sugar and soy, a good multivitamin should not contain additives and colours. Zinc oxide, while it is classified as safe, can block absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Your multivitamin should not contain fillers or colours

Are you scared of taking a multivitamin? Here are some of the reasons why you might be scared.

  1. It’s common to hear people telling you that supplements are dangerous and can cause overdose. The truth is that most people have deficiencies given the quality of food supply, high stress, poor sleep and deficient soil. Those who have found challenges after taking a supplement might have been so because they chose a poor quality multivitamin, they were eating a diet which was highly inflammatory, they were eating a diet which was restricted or they had challenges within their body that prevented adequate absorption.
  2. They were taking medication that was causing such a high level of deficiency which was perpetuating, so not matter what they took, they did not find it beneficial. These can include antacids, diabetes medication, NSAID like Ibuprofen and much more.
  3. They had genetic variations that caused problems for them when they took a supplement. This just means that the form they took was not beneficial.

Always follow these frameworks when you choose your multivitamin. Beyond all of this, please do listen to your own body. If you do have a reaction, search further. You are unique. For more information on what each vitamin and mineral can do in your body, and how you can get each form food sources, download my free E-Book, Vibrant Vitamins and Mighty Minerals.


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Book Acquisition by HarperCollins India

Here’s that exciting news I spoke about to coincide with the one year anniversary of The Sleep Whisperer Podcast! Writing a book and becoming part of that magical group of authors is a dream!

Three years ago I wrote a book which I titled Sleep Whisperer, looking at sleep from a very in depth perspective, and tying together the cutting-edge science of functional medicine and eastern ancient wisdom. The story of how I wrote that book is indeed magical and a mixture of spiritual guidance and astrology(by my spiritual guide and mentor Shyam @himalayan.yogi ). It’s also been a lot of sacrifice and hard work during times that were stressful, challenging and testing in all ways.

The journey of the book from concept to acquisition is also a magical path which I will share much later. For now, I’m just humbled, grateful and quite simply excited to announce that the book has been acquired by Sonal Nerurkar @sonal_nerurkar of @harpercollinsin HarperCollins India! Sonal’s faith in the book has been unwavering and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I can’t wait for the final book release next year!

None of this would be possible without the trust, hard work, dedication and patience of my most beautifully warm literary agent Jayapriya Vasudevan @jayapriyavasudevan of Jacaranda Literary Agency. I cannot put into words what her belief in the book and being my warrior for it means to me.

I’m also deeply grateful for the dear colleagues and mentors who have made contributions to the book. That is a surprise for later! You can follow everything about the sleep podcast and book at @mysleepwhisperer

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