RecipesDetoxifying Beetroot and Banana Stem Salad

Detoxifying Beetroot and Banana Stem Salad

Detoxification is a word that has been used so much and in so many ways, and I’d love to know what your take is! Some people trash the concept of detoxification in the belief that such a thing does not even exist. There might be a little truth in their belief simply because it can be used too loosely and in ways where it may not make any sense to you personally. Other people are constantly drinking celery juice and other green juices thinking that they need to detoxify all the time. So what really is true when it comes to detoxification?

Detoxification is a concept that is a vital part of many ancient systems of medicine, from Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The truth is that many symptoms and conditions are linked to congested channels of detoxification. Weight loss resistance can also be a sign that detoxification is impacted, since fat stores toxic waste. Everything from acne to inflammatory pains to anger to irregular lab markers could be linked to lack of detoxification.

I love salads, as you’ll see through Phyto Bites! I love them hot, cold, Indian, Mediterranean, Eclectic and in just about every possible way! Many of you who have written to me have gotten stuck with salads, and I get so frustrated seeing sliced carrots, cucumbers and tomato served as salad! Some of my salads are a meal in a bowl. This Detoxifying Beet and Banana Stem Salad is not a meal by itself, as it lacks a balance in macronutrients. The intention behind it is to improve your body’s own ability to detoxify!

As you’ll keep seeing through all my recipes, I have three stars of the show, in this case, it’s beetroot, banana stem and apple. Remember my mantra, which is enjoy food from concept to creation to consumption! Also remember to have the intention in your mind while you eat, for food is pretty much like yoga. You really want to bring your awareness. Just like a yoga pose is not ideal unless you have awareness of your breath, food is not ideal unless you eat it with the awareness of the intention behind the meal! So release all that you need to release, and allow this amazing bowl to decongest your beautiful body!

Let’s breakdown the ingredients of this recipe before going into it.

  1. Banana Stem– The banana tree is called kalpavriksha, where every part of the tree is useful. The banana stem is found deep inside the trunk, which is then harvested after that stem has provided banana flower and bananas. The stem is something I’ve grown up eating constantly, and didn’t realise how unique this was until I moved and found people discarding the stem on the streets by the side of vegetable markets. It’s loaded in fibre, requires some knowledge in cleaning it, but literally sweeps out your intestine of built up waste!
  2. Beetroot– Beetroot is not used by so many people because it’s high in sugar, but it’s also rich in phytonutrients called polyphenols and Vitamin C, both of which help your adrenal glands and your immune system. It’s great for gut healing and liver health. There are a ton of vitamins and minerals.  For more information on vitamins and minerals, read my e-book!
  3. Apple– Apples with the skin are also loaded with polyphenols and Vitamin C! They contain pectin which is a potent gut healer and can repair damages to your mucosa! It is a fruit, but is fibre and nutrient dense, so it does work with a meal, unlike other fruits.

Always remind yourself that food is medicine! If you try this out and love it as much as I do, share a picture on instagram and tag me @phytothrive!

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Thank you all for enjoying the Phytothrive journey. It’s time to say goodbye to it.

When Phytothrive began many years ago, my focus was purely on Functional Medicine, and I felt entrusted to share the knowledge of this in India, where it was quite unknown. Since then, I have gone through a process of unlearning and relearning, both professionally and personally.

I very much knew that the true essence of healing lies in India, the sacred land of yoga and Ayurveda. This inner discovery shed the light of needing to come back to the source where I began more than two decades ago, which was within the magical space of eastern ancient wisdom. I will be doing this on this very account which is now @ohahealth

Since then I have fully integrated Ayurveda and Functional Medicine, and my work has taken a new expression. I hope you will be with me and watch it unfold as Oha.

Oha is a word from The Rig Vedas, in Sanskrit with profound meanings including knowledge, excellence and the ability to bring things closer.

A new journey begins with this letting go and releasing, while embracing something new, and brings forth the promise of a whole lot more. I pray you will continue to be a part of this new journey!

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Here’s that exciting news I spoke about to coincide with the one year anniversary of The Sleep Whisperer Podcast! Writing a book and becoming part of that magical group of authors is a dream!

Three years ago I wrote a book which I titled Sleep Whisperer, looking at sleep from a very in depth perspective, and tying together the cutting-edge science of functional medicine and eastern ancient wisdom. The story of how I wrote that book is indeed magical and a mixture of spiritual guidance and astrology(by my spiritual guide and mentor Shyam @himalayan.yogi ). It’s also been a lot of sacrifice and hard work during times that were stressful, challenging and testing in all ways.

The journey of the book from concept to acquisition is also a magical path which I will share much later. For now, I’m just humbled, grateful and quite simply excited to announce that the book has been acquired by Sonal Nerurkar @sonal_nerurkar of @harpercollinsin HarperCollins India! Sonal’s faith in the book has been unwavering and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I can’t wait for the final book release next year!

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