PSYCHOLOGY OF OUR PHYSIOLOGYEye-opening Eggs: 7 Health Benefits, Nutrition & Concerns

Eye-opening Eggs: 7 Health Benefits, Nutrition & Concerns

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrients. But they are also in the top seven inflammatory food. I know that I was confused. So I went deep, experimented, and this article will give you all sides of it. You can see how to use them, how to do a short elimination and understand them. You will see 7 health benefits, nutrition and concerns!

Eye-opening Eggs: 7 Health Benefits, Nutrition & Concerns

Eye-opening Eggs: 7 Health Benefits, Nutrition & Concerns

Introduction to Eggs:

The humble egg has immense benefits, provided it suits your body!

The common thing that I hear is people avoiding the egg yolks, thinking that it is an unhealthy part of eggs. Is that really true? Before I get into the benefits and concerns ofI want to begin with which kind do you buy.

Farmed Eggs versus Free Range Eggs:

When it comes to eggs, there is a world of difference between factory farmed and free range. There are also organic. So what do these different labels refer to?

Organic Eggs:

To be certified organic eggs, hens must only be fed with organic feed. No antibiotics and hormone can be used. They must not be raised in cages, but rather have access to roam around freely. But the caveat here is that, even if they have a small space to access, they can still be certified this way. It is best if you actually know the source farm. Some farms actually encourage visits to ensure their credibility to you.

Pastured, Free Range & Cage Free Eggs:

Pastured ones are come from hens that roam around freely. Pasteurized eggs are usually treated to fight salmonella infections. Free range are from hens who are fed grains. Sometimes they are fed with greens. They can have time to roam around, but might spend some time in a cage. The hens can be vaccinated and get antibiotics when necessary. Cage free hens are allowed to roam around within a space in a barn.

There are many other aspects to choosing your eggs. It is best if you know the source, go visit the farm, ask your questions and decide. Remember also that free range and cage free versions can be as much as five times the price of farmed ones, but this is one time where it is actually worth investing in this. This is the brand that I like to use. Farmed ones can be toxic in many different ways.

Farmed Eggs:

Farmed eggs are from hens grown in tiny cages, pumpled full of hormones and antibiotics, fed grains and can have terrible impact on your body. It can be the reason for increased inflammation, pains, rashes and much more. Before you assess whether they work for you or not, remember that you need to use organic free range eggs.

Watch the video here:

7 Benefits of Eggs:

When I speak about benefits, I am only talking about organic and free range.

Antioxidant boost:

Egg yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthine, which are phytonutrients that help your eyes. They also contain tryptophan and tyrosine, which are antioxidant amino acids that support heart health. Antioxidants are required by your body to combat oxidative stress. Left untended to, oxidative stress can make your cells age quickly.

Brain food:

They contain multiple nutrients that support brain health. Choline is required for brain health, as well as methylation and liver detoxification. Egg yolks are rich in B vitamins, choline and mono and poly unsaturated fats that support healthy nerves and brain health. You can read about fats here.

Rich in vitamin D:

With the alarming levels of vitamin D deficiency across the world, eggs are one of the most rich sources of this nutrient that you can find. Vitamin D is critical to immune function, healthy bones and teeth, and is now being found to play a key role in multiple functions, one of which is in the prevention or management of autoimmune conditions. In fact, if you do have an autoimmune condition, your requirement is higher than others. Yet, in many autoimmune conditions, eggs can be a problem.

Metabolic balance:

During the process of digestion, eggs get converted from proteins to peptides. These peptides play a role in helping to lower blood pressure. Also, since a large portion of the fats in them are mono or poly unsaturated fats, they help reduce the absorption of cholesterol. If you have been avoiding the yolks thinking that they raise cholesterol, think again. The yolks contain rich nutrients.

Eye-opening Eggs: 7 Health Benefits, Nutrition & Concerns

Eye-opening Eggs: 7 Health Benefits, Nutrition & Concerns

Nutrient rich:

Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins. They are a rich source of all these nutrients. They also contain B vitamins. They contain nine amino acids, making them a complete protein. They are also a rich source of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Healthy bones:

They contain vitamin D and phosphorus which is a critical combination of nutrients required for healthy bones. They are the building block for healthy bones and teeth.

Balance blood sugar:

Blood sugar balance is key to adrenal health, hormone balance, mood stability and so much more. Each egg contains nutrients which support blood sugar balance. Since they are also rich in mono and poly unsaturated fats, and proteins, they support blood sugar balance in a deep way.

Concerns with eggs:

Among the top seven inflammatory foods are also eggs. If you are getting your eggs from a good source, and you are still having symptoms such as pain, skin reaction or anything else, it is highly possible that you are sensitive or intolerant to them.

Food intolerances happen when your body is unable to digest certain foods. When it comes to eggs, you could be having a reaction to the whites or the yolk, but it’s more common to see reaction to whites. They can also be higher in histamine overall, which means that if you are histamine intolerant and your levels are high, you could have a reaction ranging from loose stools to breakouts to anxiety.

I’ve also seen reactions with those having some form of autoimmunity. If you have done everything else correctly, and finding your symptoms remaining, you might need to eliminate them for several weeks, and then reintroduce them to gauge. They can also be a potential problem for many with Hashimotos thyroiditis.

You can only know if you have a problem, when you remove them and also do work with healing your gut and removing all inflammatory foods.

If after all that, you still react, then you highly have issues with them. It is best that you stay away permanently, and focus on getting these nutrients and benefits from other foods.


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