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FUNCTIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIAFacts about Functional Nutrition

Facts about Functional Nutrition

Oxford Dictionary defines Functional as having a functional role, and designed to be functional and useful, and in operation and good working condition. Have you ever felt frustrated when the nothing has worked for you in that vicious loop of ill health? Where medication for something has behaved as a trigger for another health challenge? I know that once I got sucked into that spiral, it was all downhill for me. Every problem I faced with a specific organ or system, stayed with a specialist from that system. Yet, the specialist could not heal me. I went back again and again, until one specialist just gave up, and told me it was time to ignore my symptoms. Functional Medicine views every person as a unique. Each of us is unique genetically, biochemically, physiologically, historically and psychologically.

I almost read his mind, that I was imagining it. I gave up on my body and on myself. If only I knew what was Functional back then! Functional Medicine also believes that our body is intelligent and has the capacity and capability to heal, which expresses itself through a dynamic balance of all your body systems. It focuses on the interconnection of body systems.

I got more frustrated when every doctor I went to, obliged my request to run labs, and showed me results, which were within the range, almost to prove their point that I was imagining symptoms. Let’s go back for a moment to the dictionary term for functional. Notice, that it means it has to have a functional role, it was supposed to be useful and in good working order. I was none of that! In fact, I felt useless. Once more, if only I knew then what was Functional Medicine and Nutrition! “Health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality”-Mind Body Green

We don’t want to be existing. We want to be truly functional. Not just that, we want to absolutely thrive.

It’s not just healthy eating. It is when we look at things from a functional lens, when we understand the synergy between body systems, when we can get to the root cause of disease and when we use therapeutic food, that we can reach a state of being truly Functional

This is the final belief in Functional Medicine and Nutrition that I am going to leave you with. Follow the Functional Encyclopedia by Phytothrive series and keep staying in touch with Functional Nutrition facts!


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