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Destiny works in strange ways. I graduated in Arts more than two decades ago. Along the way, through an initial marriage and subsequent breakup, I was guided towards yoga teaching. I wondered how it happened many times, since yoga teaching was not a sexy profession back then. What was different though was that yoga was much more deep, and teaching was much more sacred. I travelled along the way to the Himalayas, and discovered a land of sacred dreams. It also led me to my true love, who I am married to today, who also had the blessing of being touched by the light of the Himalayas. He lived for a long time in a Himalayan cave, and from him, I learned the magic of the chakras, the energy points within the body. He not only taught me the symbolism behind them, but also made me feel their potent power within my body. Many years later, I was trained in Functional Nutrition, and began Phytothrive. It has been an amazing few years, where experience has taken me even further, where being immersed in the system has guided me towards wonderful mentors. I always felt my life was bit fragmented. Was I an Artist? Was I a Yogini? Was I a Functional Nutritionist? Do I fragment? Do I integrate? I’m sure you feel this with your life as well! I came across a quote by Rumi recently, which said, “ Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray”

In the last year, I’ve been immersed in a system, which I can only say was a blessing by pure destiny. I came across Dr Deanna Minich, during my study of Functional Nutrition. Dr Deanna Minich is a PhD in Nutrition, as well as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is Faculty at The Institute of Functional Medicine as well as so many other spaces. What was unique to me was there was so much about her that resonated with me. Was she an Artist? Was she a Yogini? Was she a Functional Nutritionist?

In a world where everything is separate, where there is so much disease, yet so much hope through Functional medicine and Functional Nutrition, Dr Deanna Minich taught me in depth that I was not three separate people. I learnt that I was an Artist. I was a Yogini. I was a Functional Nutritionist. I was all of this and more, and they were all interconnected! I immersed myself in Food & Spirit, as she calls her approach, and discovered myself in a much deeper way. I found many things transforming, not just my practice, but also my personality and me as a whole. It almost seems as if it is a second birth, for now I find myself looking at everything in life through this lens of integration of science and symbolism, of masculine and feminine, of practical and creative.

Deepa is rooted deep in all things healing, and, at the same time, flowing with creative passion for life. She is able to educate, coach, and implement the full-spectrum of one’s path to wellness using the Food & Spirit system, which is such a natural fit for her. She is such an ambassador of this method in India, where it all originated.

– Deanna Minich, PhD, CNS, IFMCP

After my in depth immersion, study and research into this fascinating area, where true health is more than just nutrition, I discovered that life must be colourful! As my gratitude to this blessing, I offer you this free E-Book, called Phytonutrient Power. It is another quick guide which you can print and keep it on your kitchen table. You will discover all the vegetables and fruits which are red, orange, yellow, green and blue purple. I am sure that you will discover that you haven’t been using many of them for many years. Get creative. Get colourful. Begin a new life today where you start to eat more colour!

I have tons of lectures, workshops, masterclasses and programs planned for you! What is unique is that it is a wonderful blend of the science of Functional Nutrition with the Symbolism of energy and chakras. The balance is truly wonderful. It is not just scientific in a way that it might lack wonder. It is not just symbolic in a way that you might not connect to it if you are science based. It is synergy. I want to share this approach with you in the deepest way possible. I invite you to connect with me, share your thoughts and come forth towards transformation!

I want to end by sharing with you that I am the Ambassador for Food & Spirit 2019-2020. A Visionary has discipline and creativity, as well as passion and the necessary knowledge to achieve their plans. The Visionary commits to long term plans and knows that every vision can become a reality with small and consistent implementation. With this in mind, Phytothrive Food & Spirit has much to offer you as an integrated system.

As the Ambassador for Food & Spirit 2019-2020, I live it, breathe it, and it integrates me the artist, me the yogi and me the functional nutritionist all together. Let’s make our lives more colourful and magical, where living, becomes a sheer joy!

Venue courtesy: OTerra Bangalore; Photos courtesy: Shyam Prasad Nair

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Create and consume a diverse and colourful diet, one that is rich in phytonutrients from colourful plants, so they can power up your entire body and give you a life where you can thrive!