Functional Kids-An Introduction to Functional Nutrition in Kids

As another Mom, and as someone who believes that I want more for my child, and someone who firmly believes that I have the power to give more, my learning, research and practice has led me to make that difference in not just the life of my own child, but in the lives of children through my practice Now, I want all that and more for all our children. They deserve more and it is possible.


  1. Good image…., explains simply and clearly

    • I am so happy that you found it interesting!

  2. Refer No 5 – a friend told me a while ago that she was SO careful about hygiene – she wouldn’t let her maid pick up the baby’s toys, even had a separate small jar that she sterilised and used for pureeing vegetables and … then lamented that in spite of all this, her child got all diseases possible like measles, mumps and so on!

    • Exactly! Multiple research has linked illness and disease to being over vigilant and hyper clean

  3. This makes so much sense. Thanks for the pointers. And great image chart that explains this beautifully.

    • So glad you liked it Puja!

  4. I found this very useful. Thanks so much Deepa.

    • So glad my work matters Jayanthy. It always inspires me to do more when someone finds the information useful