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Functional Q&AFunctional Q&A-Solving the weight gain riddle with the Functional approach

Functional Q&A-Solving the weight gain riddle with the Functional approach

Q- I’ve seen many people who start intense Calorie restrictive diets and excessive forms of exercise who lose a lot of weight, and then gain all the weight back or even more a few months later. If I lose weight on my Functional path to restore my health and address my complex health challenges, will I gain it all back later?

In Functional Nutrition, the initial goal is not just to lose weight. People who come to individual Functional Nutrition counselling, may have complex health challenges which have either become worse with time or they have become stagnant and just accepted their signs, symptoms and diagnosis. It might be anything from severe acid reflux to chronic constipation, consistent infections to inflammatory pains, food allergies to eczema, persistant anaemia to dizziness, acne to psoriasis, hormone imbalance to endometriosis, depression to brain fog and much more. They’ve found that this is not addressed by medication, therapies or any treatment. In fact, they’ve gotten worse and more dependant on higher doses of medication.

While working with these complex challenges, we address gut health and repair, immune support, chronic inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, detoxification, sleep issues, adrenal issues and much more. The weight loss that happens occurs due to the restoration of gut health, reducing chronic inflammation, addressing constipation, removing allergic foods, removing the inflammatory foods, correcting deficiencies and restoring calmness and balance to the entire body, allowing the various body systems to work in harmony with each other. Any loss of weight does not happen through the outdated reduced input versus increased output, or through restrictive diets, or excessive exercise, which might even stress the Adrenals. 

Further, we gradually change your lifestyle to support your body through all external stressors, and reduce any bloating and accumulation of toxins. Eventually any gut distress is calmed down, pains start vanishing, and sleep improves. Just addressing sleep has a profound effect on Cortisol regulation, and subsequently on how and where weight accumulates.

Instead of a diet which leaves you frustrated and craving, or irritable and stressed, a Functional approach leaves you feeling restored and whole. 


  • Roopashree

    Deepa, I’ve been reading your blogs and they are so informative. Very well written. Weight management has been a constant battle for me and now after reading your article, I realize I’ve ignored everything my body has been saying to me! Need a consultation with you ASAP!

    • Deepa Kannan

      Roopa, You can have an appointment as soon as you would like!

  • geeta

    Thanks for your informative talk today at Acropolis. Can you give details about appointments with you.

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