Functional Q&AFunctional Q&A-Transforming pain

Functional Q&A-Transforming pain

Conditions like endometriosis and fibromyalgia that are recurring and very painful are hard not only on the body, but on one’s mental health. One starts to feel dejected and depressed when hit by such severe intensity of pain month on month. What can be done to build mental immunity on dealing with life-long conditions?

If you’ve ever watched What makes a Hero by Matthew Winkler, you might have been profoundly inspired when you were down in the dumps, like I was, like many of are in our lives! I was chugging along through life, within a comfort zone of mediocrity and pain, not realising that this whole world of healing, health and happiness lay in front of me. If you suffer from any condition that keeps you constantly in pain, be sure to read every detail now. 

Just like you, just like many, I was in severe pain. Recurrent bladder infections and pain left me numb, helpless, dejected and depressed. Beyond the physiological terrors of feeling the pain, there constantly lay a grey area of fear of when the pain would come next. There was also the psychological implications that came with this. People pitying, people not caring, people mocking, people not knowing. Each of those reactions  was frustrating. Then I discovered my Hero’s Journey.

If you’ve taken a moment to watch the Hero’s Journey, you’ll realise that rock bottom was my Call to Action. In my case, my Call to Action arrived when not a single Gynaecologist and not the best of the best Urologist could cure me. In fact, one finally sent me home saying there was nothing he could do for me! I then realised that I needed to take a special journey. I’m sure if you are someone who faces pain in a severe form, you’ve reached this rock bottom point. You might have given up, but this is going to spark you to begin that special journey. I’m here to tell you that you do not have to accept this pain as lifelong. There is a way beyond it, and the power lies in your own hands! It might not happen right away, but you do have the power to change this. Transformation begins when you discover your Call to Action. 

Living with pain

When I began this special journey, I required some assistance, a guide, a Guru, a teacher, a friend or someone who was going to hold my hand through this journey. For me it was someone old and wise from an ancient lineage, both magical and intimidating. For you, it might be someone closer, but someone who has walked the path of pain and is ready to show you the way out of it. You just need to be ready for transformation, for when you are, the guide will arrive on your path

I stepped out of the threshold of my safe space, and this might not be a safe space for you, but it still might be your comfort zone. Sometimes, even if you are not in the best of relationships, it still becomes a habit, and by that it becomes your comfort zone, and it becomes hard to move away from that, even it is a walk towards something better. I know, for I’ve been there too. I left my child behind amd began a journey to heal. This was frightening and inviting all at once. I cried my way to this special space, knowing that there was no other way.

Hero’s Journey

Just like in the Hero’s journey, I faced many trials. Recovery from pain and illness is physiologicall and psychologically challenging. In an effort to restore my body, something which i knew deep down was possible, I broke down constantly. I went through an array of emotions constantly, almost gave up many many times, yet, I did not actually give up. Being away from home, made me face my own mind and I was stubborn that I would get through and break free.

The approach to my healing was very hard. At times, I felt it might be easier to just go back to my world of medication and pain. I faced multiple ordeals, just like any Hero. Think of your favorite Hero again, and remember all the challenges that lay in front of your Hero before that final victory! Recovery showed itself in glimpses. At times I rejoiced and at times I panicked at the thought of getting back to my life and having everything recur. I stood strong and used my breathing as a crutch.

Every Hero through the ages has faced multiple crises before the magical moment of winning. The utter discomfort of practices and food changes was a dark hour to me at times. I could have been blinded by the darkness, but I chose to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the wise eyes of my Guide. My spirit kept going. Even in the mdist of bad dreams, rage, copious tears and panic, I kept going. 

One morning I woke up, and for the first time in two years, I was pain free. The simple act of urination without shock, pain or feeling faint was inexplicably emotional, and I cried copious tears of relief and gratitude. I could not explain this to anyone, for only I had seen the sheer darkness, so only I could understand the light! In your case, the pain might be something else, but I know that only you have seen that darkness, and I want to assure you that you can see the light.

The Result was I no longer needed to fear the monster of my own pain as I had conquered it. I was the Hero on my journey. I had slain the pain monster and I had lived to tell the tale.

Hero’s journey

I then prepared myself to Return to my ordinary world, my safe space, the warmth of my child and the reassurance of my spouse. He was the Hero as well, for holding everything safe and reassuring me that all was well and that I should focus on me. He had sent me on this adventure, this special journey. For you, it might be a spouse, a partner, a friend or destiny itself, but when the time is right for you to let go of your pain, a catalyst will be there, as well as a Guide.

I prepared myself to enter my New Life. I had lost my fear, my helplessness, my dejection and my depression. I was renewed! I Resolved to embrace my ordinary world and not fear pain again, for I had walked the Hero’s path and I had reached a happy ending. I swore to myself that I would erase the memories of pain from my mind, for I did not want my brain to produce physiological pain just from such strong memories. It was time to let it go.

If you have faced any condition. that kept you in pain constantly, that left you physiologically broken and psychologically shattered, I’m here to tell you that it’s not the end of the road, but rather, the beginning of your Hero’s journey. In the magical world of the Hero, and every age has had Hero who is very much human, the rock bottom is your Call to Action. In future healthcare, the doctor is not the hero. The doctor can of course be a Guide, but you are the hero on your journey. The journey will be full of trials and crises, but there is a treasure at the end. You do not have to live with pain and think that this is your fate. Each of us is very much that Hero who can transform. We just need to recognise our Call to Action and find that special Guide who can hold our hand!



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    brave of you to handle and write about your UTI. inspirational to others

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Book Acquisition by HarperCollins India

Here’s that exciting news I spoke about to coincide with the one year anniversary of The Sleep Whisperer Podcast! Writing a book and becoming part of that magical group of authors is a dream!

Three years ago I wrote a book which I titled Sleep Whisperer, looking at sleep from a very in depth perspective, and tying together the cutting-edge science of functional medicine and eastern ancient wisdom. The story of how I wrote that book is indeed magical and a mixture of spiritual guidance and astrology(by my spiritual guide and mentor Shyam @himalayan.yogi ). It’s also been a lot of sacrifice and hard work during times that were stressful, challenging and testing in all ways.

The journey of the book from concept to acquisition is also a magical path which I will share much later. For now, I’m just humbled, grateful and quite simply excited to announce that the book has been acquired by Sonal Nerurkar @sonal_nerurkar of @harpercollinsin HarperCollins India! Sonal’s faith in the book has been unwavering and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I can’t wait for the final book release next year!

None of this would be possible without the trust, hard work, dedication and patience of my most beautifully warm literary agent Jayapriya Vasudevan @jayapriyavasudevan of Jacaranda Literary Agency. I cannot put into words what her belief in the book and being my warrior for it means to me.

I’m also deeply grateful for the dear colleagues and mentors who have made contributions to the book. That is a surprise for later! You can follow everything about the sleep podcast and book at @mysleepwhisperer

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