Why do you need a Functional Medicine Nutritionist?

What is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist? How is it different from a Health Coach? How can it help me personally?  I’ve been asked these questions many times over and it’s so understandable that there is some confusion over these areas, as Functional Medicine Nutrition was something absolutely new to me a few years ago. I

Can your synthetic clothing be the cause of your health challenges?

Fluorescent pink, neon green, turquoise blue and bright orange are some of the colours that you see in sports wear today, made from what is known as dri fit fabric and supposed to keep you sweat free and cool through your workout. As with most fads, you can see this spreading like venom through society,

The flipside of meal replacement wonder shakes

Is the wonder meal replacement shake really the best way forward? What are the ingredients that go into some of them? Are they truly keeping up to all that they claim to be or is there a deeper side to this? You’ve seen the advertisements talking about this wonder drink that replaces a meal. It

Functional Impact from Tattoos

Everybody has a tattoo or wants a tattoo to mark a major life event or emotion. Johnny Depp even said that his body is his journal and his tattoos are his story. Many yoga students of mine spoke about what to get for a tattoo. Is a tattoo a proud depiction of your life story

Functional Q&A-Transforming pain

Conditions like endometriosis and fibromyalgia that are recurring and very painful are hard not only on the body, but on one’s mental health. One starts to feel dejected and depressed when hit by such severe intensity of pain month on month. What can be done to build mental immunity on dealing with life-long conditions? If

Should you be drinking from a Copper Vessel?

With everyone going crazy over drinking water from copper bottles, is this something that is really the next magic potion or can it be harmful for someone?  Copper has suddenly made a big comeback hasn’t it? I started finding it being sold in Yoga stores, Organic stores, all the spiritual franchises of ashrams and even