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Gluten Free Rotis

What are Gluten free Rotis and why do we need to eat them?

When it comes to inflammatory foods, no matter how much we want to resist, Gluten tops the list. This is the one which nobody wants to give up. While many of India’s renowned Nutritionists trash the gluten free idea, and a major part of prescribed diets have gluten, why is going gluten free a non negotiable in the world of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition? Do any of these statements sound familiar? Or have you yourself spoken these out loud?

Bread is wholesome. It makes me feel happy. It’s my comfort food

I don’t each much gluten. I only eat it once in a way so it doesn’t matter that I eat it

I feel tired and bloated after eating bread, but it makes me feel happy and nourished on a whole different level

When it comes to Gluten, there really are no grey areas. It’s either gluten free or not. The statement that bread makes you happy is a profound and telling one. And the science of that is a whole article in itself., which will come up very soon. Please look out for that, especially if you are someone who feels deprived when not eating bread! I also know that many of you will want to know is gluten really bad?!

Across the world of Functional Medicine, Gluten is the major player in inflammation and is a non negotiable. Dr John Douillard, author of Eat Wheat, speaks about how you can consume wheat again, once you have optimised your digestion and when you have enough digestive enzymes and acids to break down wheat and gluten. This is my take. Most of the people seeking Functional Nutrition counselling have complex health challenges, and severe digestive distresses that contribute to other health signs, symptoms and diagnosis.

In a physiological terrain that is so wounded, and so inflamed, we cannot even hope to bring resolution, without removing the foods that are difficult to break down, and consequently cause further inflammation. 

That said, I know that with my ethnicity, Rotis are local and part of our culture. For the longest time, my conscience battled within. I tried my best to convince myself the gluten free business was bogus. I convinced myself it was not required in India. Slowly I thawed and decided within myself that I would give this crazy rubbish a try. Lo and behold, after many months of removing it, I stopped having chronic nausea, acid reflux, urticaria, constipation and insomnia. Along the way, what drove me absolutely crazy was the gluten free roti recipes I tried, which broke into smithereens when I rolled them and when I cooked them. And if they lasted till my plate, then they did not hold my curry! By the time I made 6 for all of us, I was sure to have a fight with my husband over the sheer frustration of this stuff! After all, when it doubt, blame the spouse is the universal mantra isnt it? And really for no fault of theirs! With all my experiments, this was the combination that was the miracle one! It rolled, it cooked through my flipping, it lasted through my curry, it even rolled into stuffed parathas! So, if gluten free is something you want to try as a first step towards reducing inflammation, grab this recipe and give it a try. Oh, and do write in and tell me if it was a success, and also share your gluten stories with me on the blog or in the facebook group. I’d love to hear more:-) And look out for a future Psychology of our Physiology blog on why not gluten?






Gluten Free Rotis

deepa kannan
Gluten Free Rotis that are easy to roll and cook. Satisfy your craving for bread with this anti inflammatory recipe
Servings 4


  • 1 Cup Jowar Flour
  • 1 Cup Amaranth Flour
  • I Tsp. Ghee
  • 1/2 Tsp. Salt
  • Water


  • Buy Organic Jowar whole and powder or buy Jowar flour
  • Buy Organic Amaranth flour 
  • Use Organic Desi Ghee
  • Mix all the ingredients with salt and enough water and knead for a while until soft. Roll into 6" Rotis and cook on a hot pan with a little ghee. Serve Hot!


Don't be driven mad by gluten free flours that break into bits. Try this combination and still enjoy your rotis.

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Truth is tricky. It’s so easy to try a new diet or protocol and slip into denial over symptoms that arise. A classic version of this is missing a period after intermittent fasting but trying to ignore it. For a woman your cycle is as vital in information as a lab test!⁣


Have you tried a new diet or protocol and ever convinced yourself that it’s working for you just because you’ve lost a lot of weight? Weight loss has become the highest parameter of efficacy even when there is chaos happening within which can include and not limited to:⁣

💛Frequent headaches ⁣

☸️Dysfunctional cycle⁣

💮Low iron or B12 within few months⁣

💜Frequent fevers and coughs⁣

💛Bad skin⁣

☸️Poor quality of sleep even if you are sleeping nine hours⁣

💮Mood fluctuation that includes anger, sadness and overwhelm⁣


Weight loss should not be enough if all this is happening as well. Health should come before anything else.⁣

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Fasting is great! But I’m seeing a lot of people who are unable to get benefits from this ancient practice. My guess is that this has a lot to do with sequence, present diet, level of stress and what’s happening within their body.⁣


Some of the indications that the specific fasting approach you are following is not working for you are:⁣

💙Feeling more stressed and having poor resilience to stressors around you. This can include feeling weepy, angry or overwhelmed.⁣

💙Struggling with fatigue and forcing yourself to get through the fasting period irrespective of tiredness, dizziness or giddy.⁣

💙One of the greatest signs of impact is struggling with sleep. This can include inability to stay asleep and not being able to stay asleep for enough time.⁣

💙Not getting a period when you have always had a perfect cycle is a huge red flag. If your body thinks that it’s a state of emergency it shuts off reproductive function and you can miss ovulation and menstruation. I’ve actually heard women say they are happy about missing a cycle but this is really dangerous!⁣


Does this mean fasting is not good? Far from it! I call the fasting approach that I use in practice as Strategic Fasting. This refers to using fasting techniques in specific ways at specific times with specific foods in the feeding window. It can be immensely therapeutic provided you bring it in correctly. ⁣

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The essence of any nutrition is for restoration of balance in your health. Find the right balance with Phytothrive’s unique bioindividual approach to nutrition.

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