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Human Microbiome

‘We depend on a vast army of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins’ – Oxford Dictionary

• We have 10 times as  many bacteria in our body as we have cells!
• Our Microbiome contains way more genes than that present in the human genome!That means that our Microbiome has the potential to hugely affect our Genetic code and expression!
• Our relationship with our Microbiome can be like multiple kinds of relationships. It’s upto us how we want to be. Do we want it to be Mutually Supportive, where we both benefit from each other, like a good
relationship? Do we want it to be Commensal where one benefits but the other is not harmed, like many
relationships? Or do we want it to be Parasitic or Pathogenic,where we as a host are harmed, like perhaps an abusive relationship?
• The wonderful balance of our Microbiome is destroyed when we take Antibiotics, when we are ill, or when our Immune system has been suppressed.
• Our good bacteria protect the Villi in our small intestine, allowing nutrients in but keeping foreign substances like chemicals, bad bacteria and unbroken down molecules of food out!
• Our Individual human Microbiomes is as unique to us as our fingerprint, unique in the types of flora, unique in the composition and unique in it’s richness.

The Good Bacteria in our Microbiome is like an ancient Fortress guarding us against the challenges of the harsh elements of nature, foreign invaders and time.But like a fortress wall, we need to take care of it so that it can survive the test of these dangers and protect us forever more.

The Human Microbiome is an ecosystem of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms in our Gut.


• Probiotics are our soldiers, and when they are rich in diversity in our Microbiome, they are our soldiers, guarding, protecting and energising us.
• They are the Antithesis to our harmful bacteria and Antibiotics.
• Since 70% of our Immune System sits in our Gut, Probiotics are Immune Powerhouses, reducing inflammation and healing Intestinal permeability.

•They are like Soldiers protecting us and keeping us healthy and safe.
•Since good and bad bacteria are forever in a battle of who is most powerful, it is upto us to create the ideal environment for there to be more good bacteria than bad, by avoiding the things that destroy it.

Chooses from Cultured veggies like Sauerkraut,Kimchi, Miso, Tempeh,Kefir, Yoghurt. Also add soluble plant fibre as Prebiotics

•We’ve also destroyed our Microbiome by not getting our hands dirty in the soil any more, by our over use of Hand Sanitisers, Pesticides and the obsession with “clean”
• Encourage your kids to get their hands dirty and play in the garden once more. Stop giving them their own bottle of hand sanitiser to use at every moment. Cut back on their processed foods. Allow them to pet their dog.
• Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins. Expose yourself to a rich variety of plant powered food to feed your Microbiome and empower those Soldiers. They are taking such good care of you!

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