PSYCHOLOGY OF OUR PHYSIOLOGYHow To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido

Has your low libido made you feel frustrated? Perhaps it made you feel like something is wrong with you. None of this is true. I’m going to take you through why your low libido should be looked at as a symptom rather than with annoying acceptance.

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido:

As a woman over 40, you might have wondered where the expression “naughty over 40” even came from! In the last six months, I’ve seen so many women, all of whom have one common symptom, that of low libido. Did you ever make the connection between your hormones and your libido? I’m certain that you haven’t! Here’s why it is important to look at it though.

Your low libido is merely a symptom. When you ignore it, thinking that it is meant to be that way with your age, you are also ignoring other aspects of that hormone imbalance. This can include painful periods, mood swings, poor sleep and even a higher predisposition towards hormone related cancer.

At 40, your hormones start to dip. Progesterone falls faster than estrogen. You can be low in estrogen and still be estrogen dominant. Many symptoms and conditions are caused by this estrogen dominance. You can read a whole lot more about estrogen dominance here.

Your libido is a key indicator of your hormones!

Most of the women I see in my practice come to me with non-existent libido. They are quite amazed when I even point out the connection. Some have felt frustrated. One woman felt dejected that it was destroying her relationship. One woman had so many challenges in her relationship because this was a sore point between them.

Look at your libido as the key clue to your hormones

One of the first signs that there is estrogen dominance and lack of harmony with your hormones, is your low libido. Estrogen and libido share an antagonistic relationship. When estrogen is higher than progesterone, your libido drops. When there is hormone harmony, then your libido rises. It’s your biggest clue!

Estrogen is a tricky one

Estrogen is very interesting. You can have low levels of estrogen and still be estrogen dominant. Low estrogen makes your vaginal tissue dry. Yet, estrogen dominance can lower libido as well. It’s common to see doctors prescribing herbs like shatavari to raise estrogen in women over 40. They are left wondering why they feel so miserable afterwards.

Many hormones play a role in your libido

Estrogen and progesterone are one part of the equation when it comes to your libido. Testosterone can drop in women over 40, and testosterone plays a key role in libido as well. Elevated testosterone from conditions like PCOS can also impact libido, from the inability to metabolise hormones well. Cortisol, from high stress, can reduce progesterone, make you more estrogen dominant and lower your testosterone levels, all of which will lower your libido.

Toxins are a huge factor

Several women I worked with had severe estrogen dominance, simply from environmental toxins. If you use chemical hair colours every week, it can impact your liver, and prevent estrogen from being metabolised. Cooking in aluminium vessels or storing food in plastics can all impact your liver.


Progesterone is your calming hormone. It helps you sleep. Estrogen dominance causes insomnia. When you sleep poorly, there is no way that you are going to have a healthy sex life. You are only going to feel irritated when your partner approaches you. The good thing to consider is that your low libido can tell you about your hormones. Once you work on your hormones, your sleep and your libido are both going to improve.

Do you feel beautiful?

I urge every woman I work with it to embrace their beauty and love themselves. If you have ever believed that you will lose your essence with age, think again. Typically, you are supposed to shine near ovulation from the boost in hormones. It was an evolutionary way that you would attract your mate. Once you improve your hormones, you will look more beautiful as well!

What can you do with your diet and lifestyle to improve your hormones and your libido?

The first mental reframe is to always remember that low libido is a symptom. It is not an evolution with age. No matter whether you have children at home, excessive work or however long you have been with your partner, low libido is always an indicator of hormone disharmony. There are many things that you can do right away to change this.

Stress Less

Stress is the biggest trigger for hormone disregulation and low libido. It’s amazing how women improve their libido by adding a daily meditation. Spending even ten minutes on meditation and practicing forms of yoga that are more calming, are wonderful for you. Any practice that makes you feel calm and which can lower cortisol levels is fine. It might be listening to music or playing with your dog.

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido

High fibre diet

When it comes to estrogen dominance and low libido, fibre is fantastic. Fibre helps bind estrogen metabolites and shunt them via the liver and out of your body. Many women also have genetic challenges with the liver which prevent optimal detoxification. You might be one of them as well. I have a ten system process which I use to look deeper. Just increasing vegetables like cabbage, leafy greens, broccoli, banana stem and beets can be supportive.

Fats are critical

For your body to produce healthy hormones, you require high quality healthy fats from ghee, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, avocados and coconut milk. Eating a low fat diet impacts the health of hormones severely. Most women who had severe hormone disregulation had lowered healthy fats in an attempt to reduce their weight. See that you consume fats as they are the building block of both cortisol and your sex hormones. Make sure your liver is healthy to digest the fats as well.

Protein power

You need proteins for two key reasons when it comes to your libido. The first is that you need protein from muscle mass synthesis and supporting testosterone levels. You also need proteins to stabilise your adrenal function. Raised cortisol from a disrupted adrenal function impacts hormones and libido.

Many people find simply improving their protein a way to move past anxiety, poor sleep, wrecked hormones and low libido. I hear many people mocking the need for protein. There is a world of difference between adequate protein and optimal protein. Look at your plate and see whether you get some form of protein from fish, meat, lentils, beans and keep them as varied as possible.

Strength training and exercise

Strength training with weights is critical for women over 40. It helps to keep testosterone levels optimal. Testosterone plays a role not just in libido, but also in the quality of your sleep. Exercise also supports hormone metabolism.

Avoid magical promises of hormone balancing wonders

It’s sad to say this, but many women have found hormones messed up when they have experimented with herbs like shatavari or maca. It might work at some point in time, when you have it in a specific way. Mostly it might just impact your hormones even more.

Finally, always keep it in mind that your low libido is a symptom. It is not the way it is meant to be. The moment you work on your hormones and see your libido increase, it tells you that everyhting within is working efficiently and how it is meant to be! If you want to know more about how I work, schedule a stratgey session now and see how it can help you. You can write to [email protected]

You can also read more about estrogen dominance here.

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido

How To Biohack Your Hormones At 40 For Amazing Libido


  • Anjana Thakker

    Hi Deepa Are there any natural herbs You would recommend for hormone balancing? Thank You :)

    • Deepa Kannan

      Hello Anjana, I am a firm disbeliever in a single herb. It takes several aspects for hormones to be calm. In fact, there is a link on this very article to other articles on shatavari as well as estrogen dominance. Have a look!

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