PSYCHOLOGY OF OUR PHYSIOLOGYWhy Do I Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time? 7 Reasons!

Why Do I Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time? 7 Reasons!

Why Do I Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time? 

Are you an illness bomb waiting to explode? Now as scary as this might sound, what if I started by telling you that you can diffuse this bomb? Let’s first make that clear before getting into this. Not getting sick is an art mingled with science.

Are you someone who keeps falling sick every few months or even more frequently? Do you think that it is normal for everyone to fall sick every few months? Do people keep asking you why you keep falling sick? The truth is that many years ago, I kept falling sick all the time.

There are reasons why you keep falling sick, and I will start out by telling you loud and clear, that it is not normal to do so. If you believe that it is normal, or if someone is telling you that it is common, first get that out of your mind. There are reasons why someone keeps falling sick and these are predictable and preventable.

Why Do I Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time? 7 Reasons!

Why Do I Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time? 7 Reasons!

7 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time:

These reasons can be handled and changed, so that you absolutely never fall sick. But the real question is whether you want to change. I have a friend who falls sick on clockwork, practically every two months. Each time there is a reason, and each time I can predict that when I see her next, she will be sick.

If you are superstitious, you might think that my thinking that is feeding the energy towards making her sick. In that case, I challenge you. I challenge you to address all these reasons why you fall sick frequently for just four weeks, and in that time, observe whether it happens. Most likely, it will not.

7 Reasons!

  1. High Sugar Diet

  2. Digestive Distress

  3. Deficiencies

  4. High Toxic Overload

  5. High Stress

  6. Disrupted Sleep

  7. Low Calorie Diets

As with anything in life, there are multiple reasons, and when a time comes where many combine together, your body just cannot cope any longer. Let’s break these down.

1)High Sugar Diet

High sugar diets are not just sugar. It is really alarming how many people who seem to be clued into healthy eating, just do not realise the hidden sugars. Sugar is not just ice creams and desserts, but also in high starch diets and alcohol.

Alcohol is the reason that my friend keeps falling sick often, and in her own words, when she does drink, she binge drinks. If you drink an entire bottle of wine in one night, no matter what green juice you drink the next day, your body has already faced the damage.

Studies have shown that your immune system is suppressed deeply after high sugar, and one night of excess can depress your immune system for many hours, weakening your white blood cells and decreasing your ability to fight virus and infections.

Excess alcohol and high sugar also compete with your body’s utilisation of vitamin C, which is an immune system superstar. It also makes your white blood cells fight less variety of bacteria and virus, putting you at risk for instant infections. Ever wonder why you return from a vacation or a birthday celebration only to catch a cold or have a fever?

Ditch the sugar, or reduce it as much as you can. If your diet is filled with healthy fats, clean proteins and tons of phytonutrients, some sugar here and there may not hurt you, but its also deeply addictive, so they more you stay away, the easier it is to stay away. If you cannot stay away, that requires a deeper discussion as well.

2)Digestive Distress

My friend tells me almost every day, that her tummy is upset. To make matters worse, she trivialises it by giving a different reason for it every time I see her. Let me tell you, it takes a lot from me to not tell her anything, and the reason is that she does not want to listen. As I love her, I have to stay quiet.

When you suffer from frequent digestive challenges like bloating, gas, acidity, constipation and diarrhoea, then your gastrointestinal system is inflamed. Inflammation in your gut causes severe immune suppression, since 70% of your immune system is situated there.

Please do not ignore your digestive challenges as mere tummy troubles, or worse, keep overloading your system with foods that clearly do not serve you well.

Eating a balanced diet with lots of nutrients and having a healthy functioning digestive system that can utilise those nutrients is key to having a robust immune system. Using simple tools for digestion like boiled coriander, fennel, cumin and fenugreek can keep your digestion working optimally.

Why Do I Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time? 7 Reasons!

Why Do I Keep Getting Crazy Sick All The Time? 7 Reasons!


Deficiencies are a big reason for why you keep falling sick. It begins with the diet you eat. It’s not at all rare to see people eating restrictive diets that keep away multiple nutrients. The other reason is consuming excessive sugar and alcohol. No amount of supplements can outsmart a diet or lifestyle that is excessive and damaging.

You might be thinking that a high quality multivitamin or that green smoothie is taking care of all that. But sadly that’s just not true. Sugar and alcohol also rob your body of multiple vitamins and minerals, which is also the reason why you fall sick after a night of excessive drinking or a holiday with multiple desserts.

Deficiencies of nutrients like zinc and Vitamin D are damaging to your immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the greatest reasons for frequent infections and virals. This is also why you might fall sick more in the winter. It’s not because it’s cold, but because your body empties it’s stores of Vitamin D and you might not be compensating enough.

Check your Vitamin D status and have it corrected constantly, and this can keep your immune system more robust. You can reach out to us for functional lab analysis or to do your Bioindividual Blueprint. You can get more details on these vitamins and minerals and their food sources here as a downloadable e-book.

4)High Toxic Overload

When you are constipated, and exposed to common toxins such as plastics, phthalates, BPA, hair colour and other chemicals, what happens in your body, is that your liver is unable to clean up the mess and send it out of your body. I heard someone I know posting on social media that there was no such thing as toxins.

That was scary to hear as it indicated the trend of denial and the lack of desire to get better. The fact is that the more toxins you are exposed to, the more your immune system suffers. Combine it with constipation, and you have yourself the perfect stage set for falling sick.

Replace your plastics with glass, colour your hair with natural colouring or stop colouring altogether and stop wearing dry fit fabrics and clothes! You can also check with us on getting a Bioindividual Detoxification.

Why do you keep falling sick all the time?

5)High Stress

If you follow my articles regularly, you might think that I go on and on about stress. Stress is something that I focus on deeply. If you have had a childhood or an episode in your life that put you into a state of high stress, chances are that your adrenals are programmed into a state of high alert and emergency.

When you are always in that state of high stress, your body shuts off functions and systems that are not required in an emergency, and one of these is your immune system. Think of primitive man or woman running from a lion or a tiger. Would they need an immune system? Probably not.

Stress is just not given its due, and its almost become a fad to speak about how you have high stress. If you do that, stop right now. Stress kills, and the sooner you accept that and find ways to reduce being in that state of emergency, the better your immune system will function.

I’ve made my nighttime meditation a non-negotiable and nothing comes inbetween. Choose a time that is good for you and make it a habit. It doesn’t matter if it’s just ten minutes for that is a very profound ten minutes of your time!

6)Poor Sleep

Lack of sleep reduces your white blood cells, and suppresses your immune system. In fact, it can truly be said that lack of sleep is one of the biggest immune enemies. This then makes us susceptible to the attack from pathogens and more prone to infections.

Imagine your weakest and most vulnerable area, or the area that you normally feel pain. Your immune system release cytokines when you sleep, and if you miss sleep, you lose that. This makes you susceptible to falling sick. This is the reason that my friend falls sick after every single celebration, be it a birthday, anniversary or a corporate win.

When she stays up till very early in the morning, drinking alcohol and having poor quality food, she suppresses her immune system to the point that, clockwork, she is sick the next day or the day after.

Do you also do this? Ask yourself if that is worth it? Another reason is that a night of poor sleep combined with excess alcohol, is deeply dehydrating. Water is required for every system and function in your body, and keeps the tissues in your mouth, nose and throat hydrated. Lack of hydration in these sensitive areas can make you fall prey to bugs floating around you.

Sleep is a deep subject but you can read more about sleep here! You can also listen to my weekly podcast on sleep here.

7)Low Calorie Diets

Low Calorie diets are dangerous. Recently I found someone in the field of nutrition talking about calories and deficits. Its common to see practitioners posting before and after pictures of clients to showcase massive weight loss. Its also common to see people falling sick frequently after a low caloried diet, as it robs the body of key nutrients like B12, Vitamin D, Zinc and many more nutrients.

Low calorie diets increase stress, and your body starts to think that it is in a state of emergency. This puts your immune system on the back burner, and you end of falling sick. You do not need to eat a low calorie diet to lose weight. You simply need to eat an anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in nutrients and filled with ingredients that increase your satiety.

Read more about diet and foods to eat in my other article here.

Are you falling sick frequently?

You do not need to keeping falling sick!

The first thing that I want you to do is to look deeply within yourself. Be honest. If you keep falling sick all the time, its not normal and it is not alright. Being sick frequently keeps your immune system in a state of stress, where you then fall prey to more serious immune challenges like autoimmunity.

Look at the areas within your life that are causing you to fall sick so often. Address them. Enjoy life without damaging your body. You really do not need antibiotics often. I keep hearing friends say that they had to take a course of antibiotics for a fever because their doctor told them to.

Your immune system knows how to take care of you through a viral, if you only give it the tools to do so. Your not falling sick often, begins today.

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The journey of the book from concept to acquisition is also a magical path which I will share much later. For now, I’m just humbled, grateful and quite simply excited to announce that the book has been acquired by Sonal Nerurkar @sonal_nerurkar of @harpercollinsin HarperCollins India! Sonal’s faith in the book has been unwavering and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I can’t wait for the final book release next year!

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