Are you ready to find out what is your unique blueprint and how to care for it and nurture it? Are you ready to get to the root of your signs, symptoms and diagnosis? If you find some or all of these stories resonating with you or someone you really care about, and think its time to take charge of your body and your health, Functional Nutrition Counselling Services is your answer. I am here every step of the way, to hold your hand through the process and build that therapeutic partnership. Together, we will understand your bio-individuality and use time tested tools and frameworks and look towards root cause resolution.

Just like there might be multiple signs, symptoms and diagnosis, there might likely be multiple root causes. This is probably why searching for that one magic pill is probably going to be a lost cause.

Together we will work through the stages slowly, starting with removal of individual inflammatory foods, healing digestion from deep within through specific therapeutic foods and supplements, supporting immunity, addressing deficiencies and the root of those deficiencies, and even addressing how best to support sleep and your mind. The Functional approach will also help you personally to know what form of exercise is suited to you, as exercise is again something which is bio-individual.

Whatever we plan therapeutically for you is custom designed and specially curated for you and nobody else. It is not a diet plan pulled off the internet, however healthy it might seem. Every step of the way, I will monitor and adapt based on how your body responds.

I also respect your time and the fact that it might be difficult for you to travel to consult. All counselling services are available virtually, and you can book your appointments totally suitable to you, when your mind is free of responsibilities. I want you to do this for yourself, beyond anything else. Your health matters. Your body matters. Your mind matters. Your life matters. You matter! Ready for the next step?


I work with anyone who takes that first step. If you take a step towards freedom and transformation, I’m there to walk 5 steps forward towards you and take your hand.

I will work with you even if you feel that you have hit rock bottom. Trust me. I’ve been there myself. If I can change, so can you.

I know you’ve got that spark within, the strength to move, and you understand that health can give you back your life and allow you to grow towards your true potential. Let’s do this!


I believe in passion, dedication and innovation:

Knowledge without empathy is not work

Innovation in everything keeps spark alive

Simplify complexities and reach out

Work must have creativity, fun and laughter

Where we believe, we have the power to heal

The power is all in my hands

If I can transform, so can you

Business and philanthropy must move forward together

A healthy body can transform into the most brilliant mind

Paediatric Allied Functional Medicine Support/Paediatric Functional Nutrition

Have you ever felt dejected, helpless or frustrated when your child’s teacher tells you there are attention troubles? Have you found yourself in a vicious loop between illness, medication and tiredness in your child? I know as a mother, I will not accept something in my child as just the way it is. I want more. I want my child to be free of digestive difficulties that are stressful every morning. I want my child’s immunity to be in a place where I feel that they are best supported, and this does not mean just giving that magic drink which promises it all! For my child I want to know that there is energy and not fatigue. There needs to be calmness and clarity, not tantrums and crying. Is tantrums more than just a bad day? Could it quite possibly be physiological? I know that I do not want to stand for feeling that my child just has some attention troubles. What if this too is physiological? World over, the statistics diagnosing our children with Autism, ADHD and more is positively frightening! Accepting this as a reality of now is not what I want to do. I want to change. I want to change the way we look at children’s health. I want to change the numbers. I want to change the lives of children because I believe that it is possible!
As another Mom, and as someone who believes that I want more for my child, and someone who firmly believes that I have the power to give more, my learning, research and practice has led me to make that difference in not just the life of my own child, but in the lives of children through my practice Now, I want all that and more for all our children. They deserve more and it is possible. This is also why I am hard at work with other Functional Practitioners across the globe, collaborating and researching more, to bring you the best possible Functional child care always.


Functional Nutrition in children is just not about accepting that one magic drink and hoping that it accomplishes all that it promises. It is about doing the deep therapeutic work, between Practitioner and Parent, between the Practitioner and the child and between the Parent and the child. It is also about teaching a child the relationship they have with their own body and how they have the power to feel better in their own hands. Is it worth it to do the work now and create a space where a child understands and grows up knowing that they have this power in their own hands? It takes working in frameworks and we can do this together. If any of this touches you in a deep and sensitive place, and you too want more for your child, reach out to me at [email protected] or sign up to my mailing list for some child centric blogs.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Functional Nutrition

Do you want to know what exactly is Functional Nutrition? Tried looking it up but seem overwhelmed by what is out there? It all starts with the foundation!