All over the world, there is an explosion of health crises, Autoimmunity, food sensitivities and more. The world is facing health challenges every day.  Many people try their best to eat what is healthy to them, but this is not always possible while eating out at restaurants or while travelling. Are you a restauranteur or anyone in the business of food? Creating a small section on your menu to support therapeutic and healing diets is a step you can take in showing the world that you care for each and every person out there.

If you are ready to take that step, as the world takes the Functional approach, create a Partnership with me. I will help you curate a section on your menu for anti-inflammatory and therapeutic foods, within the scope and design of your specific cuisine, that will tell the world that you are one step forward in care. Write to me at [email protected] for more details.


Even those with health challenges love to eat out

Why should anyone ruin 6 days of eating healthy at home with one evening out

Everyone deserves to eat the best cuisine, but not at the cost of their health

Partner with us to curate just two anti-inflammatory foods on your excellent menu and show the world that you care for each and every one

Partner with us and curate that healing section of your menu within the parameters of your unique cuisine

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A Beginner’s Guide to Functional Nutrition

Do you want to know what exactly is Functional Nutrition? Tried looking it up but seem overwhelmed by what is out there? It all starts with the foundation!