As Allied Functional Medicine Practitioners and Functional Nutritionists, we are often asked “What is Functional Nutrition?” and “How will Functional Nutrition help me?”

As a result, we have developed this FAQs page to help answer some of the more common questions about Functional Nutrition and the processes of being a client of Phytothrive, Functional Nutrition Redefined.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

What Is Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition?

You might have heard the words Functional or Integrative. Functional Medicine is at the forefront of healthcare today. Rather than looking at  signs, symptoms, diagnosis or single system approach, it instead believes firmly in looking at the individual person through the principle of bioindividuality. Bioindividuality respects you as a unique individual. You are not your problem, symptom or diagnosis alone. Your history and your story and your unique body and mind all matter. Rather than getting stuck in treating one system or organ, it believes in the interconnection of all body systems, bringing the whole back to balance. Rather than focusing on the symptoms, it believes that symptoms are only the effects of deep imbalances. It gets to the root cause, or causes, and focuses on resolving those.

How Is Functional Nutrition different?

  • A Functional Nutritionist looks at the whole person. We take a detailed history which includes everything from your story, stress, system functioning, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, physiology,
  • A Functional Nutritionist uses not just foods to start their patients on their recovery journey but also with nutrition supplements, botanicals, exercise, movement, body work, therapy, detoxification, breathing and de-stress techniques, and more.

A Functional Nutrition is able to look at your Basic Serum Labs for further root cause resolution. A Functional Nutritionist is a Clinician, or someone who looks at your case from a Clinical perfective. Along the way, a Functional Nutritionist is also able to request and analyse speciality functional testing to really resolve your health complexity. It may not even be necessary to do this, once the root cause is addressed.

Who can benefit from the Functional Nutrition approach?


What about my prescriptions from my doctor?

A Functional Nutritionist is not a medical doctor and cannot recommend that you eliminate any of your prescription medications. Instead, she can counsel you about food, nutrition, and a myriad of other lifestyle components that contribute to your health and over time, there may be changes in physiology that lead you towards changes in prescription or dosage. Please always be in touch with your doctor.

Are supplements given to all your clients?

Supplements are not something to be feared. Look at them as “supportive elements” and using them in therapeutic doses along with food which is curated especially for your body, are potent powers in your hands towards recovery. Yes, functional nutrition looks at Supplements as an important part of lifestyle Support. It falls under preventative medicine. Those that I recommend have been well researched by me and I will suggest the options.

Does this program involve any kind of exercising as my physical movements are a little restricted ?

Functional Nutrition does look at slowly incorporating some mild exercise and movement, but most clients or patients who begin functional nutrition counselling anywhere in the world are in serious states of health distress and are unable to do so right away. Please do not worry about it. I am well equipped to gradually take you through this process. If you click on the yoga link below and read, we are specialised in therapeutic yoga, and have cured many people from serious injuries over the last 20 years. We can discuss this further as we go through the sessions. Respect your body, allow it the healing it needs at the moment, and I am there to hold your hand through this process.

What is a Strategy Session?

Please do schedule a free Strategy Session call with me, if you are looking at individual sessions. The Strategy Session is to understand how Functional Nutrition can help you. It is a free call, which will allow you to understand the process, how it can work for you as a unique individual and how much it will cost you. It is also your opportunity to clarify any concerns you have. It is also an opportunity to understand how Phytothrive is unique and how it can build a therapist partnership for you to regain your true health. I’m committed to show you the way, and guide you on the steps required to get there.

What form of payment do you accept?

At this time we accept bank transfer

What is your cancellation policy?

Nutrition counselling with a functional medicine approach is time intensive. Consultation times can vary based on how complex a case is. Please do respect time, and not cancel sessions at the last moment. Rescheduling can be done 24 hours ahead to avoid loss of the schedules session.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Functional Nutrition

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