As an MD, a Gynaecologist, a Gastroenterologist, a Urologist, an Endocrinologist, or any  specialist doctor, is it frustrating to have a patient come back again and again, simply because they are not able to understand, implement or sustain dietary changes they need? As someone whose time is so very precious, and who just cannot afford to spend the kind of time needed to talk to a patient about how diet and lifestyle matter, it is so important that someone bridges this gap for you. Yes, you can refer out to a Registered Dietitian or a Nutritionist.

What if someone could support you in understanding the unique individual that is your patient and help them manage their diagnosis alongside your medical recommendations? Further, not every one of your patients could afford Nutritional counselling services.


If it would help you to create this partnership, where I can organise a talk at your Hospital or clinic, pertaining to a specific condition or a specific set of patients, do reach out. Still have questions, clarifications or suggestions, do reach out to me at [email protected] for more details and pricing


I am open to this partnership in any way possible.

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