Wellness is th key to health and wealth. As a Functional Nutritionist and a Functional Nutrition Educator, I facilitate  workshops at Corporate offices, Speciality Stores and Communities which include the basics of Functional Nutrition Principles and Practices, and education about your body from a Functional approach and how to take care. This can include core basics like better nutrition, sleep and relaxation to speciality workshops on specific requirements.


Learn how to make better choices in food and lifestyle, how to work around the busiest of lives and yet arrive at an area of health and wellness, and how to improve your energy and be more productive.

Taking the therapeutic partnership of Functional Nutrition to this level, you can look forward to a session which is full of knowledge, insights and encouragement, and is interactive. This is not about a boring lecture on me telling you what to do, but a brainstorming between us to work around your challenges and still arrive at an approach which is best for you. Share this space with your coworkers and know that it can only foster better relations, and also allow it to be something where you can be of support to each other for sustained long term change and transformation.

Understand the basics of Functional Nutrition and your unique bioindividuality from the Beginner’s Workshop, or go further with specific workshops like Gut Health, Improve your Immunity, Better Sleep is Better Me. Or, if you want me to custom curate a workshop for your Corporate Professionals or Community, write to me with your concerns and requirement. This process is also unique and individual, but the sky is the limit in terms of innovation.

Wellness of your workforce or community is a capital asset for the future of everything that you do and eventually contribute to the wellbeing of a healthy society.  So what are you waiting for.. let you be the changing force in your community or organisation that you lead.  just drop us a mail and we will be happy to be part of  a better community/organisation building facilitator. 


What are the benefits of these for your office or community?

  • Better health overall
  • More energy to support you in your life and goals
  • Improved and quality sleep to aid recovery at a deep level
  • Deep relaxation
  • Ability to exercise better or to support your form of exercise
  • Better concentration and less brain fog
  • Harmonious relationships when each one is healthy, calm and balanced
  • Improved knowledge to give you the power to your health back into your own hands!
  • Building a better community and enhancing the quality of life and lifestyle 
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A Beginner’s Guide to Functional Nutrition

Do you want to know what exactly is Functional Nutrition? Tried looking it up but seem overwhelmed by what is out there? It all starts with the foundation!