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Sleep  the Essence of Life.! Food is the Key.! ”

Over 90% of Mankind Suffers From Some Form Of Sleep Disorder! Whats Yours?

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Why Sleep is the Key To Your Happiness?

Sleep is a mirage for 90 percent of mankind.  Did you know one of ten people suffered from some form of sleep disorders.  What are the underlying reasons and cause for this sleep deprivation?   Is it psychological or is it physiological.  There are umpteen number of approaches to help you, However, when we at phytothrive researched and found out that none of them seems to address the wholistic approach to sleep, Sleepwhisperer was born!  From the understanding of the need of a sufferer to a soothing supportive programmes that can transform your physiology and psychology of sleep altogether.  Want to know more.. write to us at support or sign up for our programme.

Your body needs to relax. Sleep is the one tool that can help your body!

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Here are some of Phytothrive's client testimonials.

Surya Mantha
Surya Mantha

 Excellent podcast. So useful and need of the hour for people who can take up a mechanised lifestyle. I can follow from your work that the entire body physiologically and biological clock revolves around one’s sleep patterns, cycle and duration. Thanks for featuring me. Overall, an eye-opener. Keep posting such useful information.  - Surya Mantha.

Dr. Jessica Drummond
Dr. Jessica Drummond Founder and CEO, The Integrative Women's Health Institute

"Tune in to The Sleep Whisperer Podcast! Deepa is a brilliant and comprehensive interviewer. If you're having any difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, this is the podcast for you. There is no "one-size-fits-all" sleep recipe. Deepa will introduce you to a wide variety of strategies from integrative health perspectives from around the world to help you sleep better starting now.”    - Dr. Jessica Drummond

Dhru Purohit
Dhru Purohit Founder and Host Broken Brain Podcast

Thanks for having me on! It was great. A pleasure to be on!  -Dhru Purohit

stacy robbins
Stacy Robins Author and Hashimoto's Life Coach

Thanks for hosting me Deepa in the Sleepwhisperer podcast. I enjoyed discussing with you the new perspective to the sleep challenges of different personalities. This is a great podcast to be in and to listen to..

Akanksha Gaur - An endo warrior
Aakanksha Gaur
An Endo Warrior

Before I started my plan with Deepa, I used to experience productivity loss of around 10 days every month due to complications from endometriosis. Constant bloating, lower back aches, quite a hit in mood and general sense of lethargy. As the dates of my periods would approach, I would be scared to deal with the pain that wouldnt stop till I rushed to the hospital to get a painkiller. I started conversing with Deepa about the impacts of functional nutrition right before my endometriosis surgery and in the last two years of working with her, I can safely say that my connection with medicine has moved from over the counter painkillers to what is found in my kitchen. Every week, I was given a protocol of food and additional supplements to strengthen my gut and start the process of healing. I was explained to the finer details of which foods to avoid and all the whys behind it. Usually in modern medicine, one goes to visit a doctor with an ailment and is given a medication to control it. Deepa takes the longer route - with a series of exploratory exercises designed to go to the root of an underlying ailment, she takes the entire body as one holistic unit to be healed, not just the liver or a fibroid. This route is long and needs a lot of complementary therapies to work together and in this very process lies the healing nature of it. When you consult with Deepa, it won't be just food. You'll get an education on natural therapies, an education on mindfulness and the role it plays, you'll get a genuinely caring healer and lots and lots of recipes 😀 After working with Deepa for the last two years, I can safely say that a lot of chronic conditions would not ail people if this knowledge is made available at the school level. Our understanding of food and our relationship to what we eat is so sacred and so ignored. I am only filled with gratitude that I got the opportunity to open my eyes to this new world. Oh and by the way, I am currently bloating free and on my last period, I was able to work like any other day. Something that was beyond my wildest imagination just two years ago.

amara tinitus client
(Amara name changed on request to protect client confidentiality)
Tinnitus Traumas

Reached out to Deepa when I was Traumatised by Tinnitus . I felt I would go mad with the noise in my ears. She gave me hope when all medical treatments had failed and I am deeply grateful for all the support I have received. In Deepa I found a sincere, kind and committed health practitioner who worked with me in partnership to develop a healing plan that understood my genetic make up, food sensitivities and mental make up. She got me out of my panic phase by teaching me relaxing techniques. Then began the lab testing where she asked me for labs which no one asked for, which revealed shockingly high levels of few markers which she was able to interpret very differently. In the last six months I have been introduced to a power of lifestyle changes and how food can be medicine. Today my levels are in normal range and I can't thank Deepa enough for identifying something that no doctor was able identify. My digestion has improved and my bedridden days with stress seem a distant memory now. Deepa is a person who walks hand-in-hand throughout your journey of healing.

Ayesha Alikhan testimonials
Ayesha Alikhan
Mood and My Skin

After years of feeling tired, moody and my skin constantly breaking out I knew i needed to do something. I happened to attend a talk that deepa was giving and decided to get in touch with her. It was most definitely one of the best decisions i made for myself. Deepa took the time to find out not only about my eating habits, but also about my lifestyle, health and emotional journey, she then devised an achievable plan. She constantly supported and encouraged me tomake the changes I needed to in order to get healthy both mentally and physically. Deepa has been a great advisor giving me clear explanations for her recommendations and giving me manageable and realistic goals. After 6 months of working with her I feel more energised, happy and able to cope with my anxiety. I have so much more understanding of my triggers both food-wise and in terms of stress, I've learned to understand the warning signs earlier allowing me to make better choices. My biggest take way from the program has been the tremendous influence food has on your general wellbeing. Deepa is truly committed to help people and genuinely cares.

Vinita A Shetty testimonials
Vinita Shetty Independent Journalist and Documentary Producer.
Deepa has always been there for me - highs and lows notwithstanding.

For years I took my health for granted and I didn't realize the long-term damage to my body, till everything came crashing down. And how! Since my fitness, weight and energy goals seemed right with virtually no effort, I didn't pay any attention to the distress signals my body sent out. It was just so easy. Slim, trim and energetic was how I had been forever. My career and lifestyle choices didn't have much of an impact on my body at that time. But prolonged work and personal stress, bad food habits, lack of knowledge about nutrition and wellness etc eventually led to one illness after an other. A complete domino effect I reconnected with Deepa on the advice of a friend and our first few sessions were an honest sharing of my distress reg my health concerns, shortcomings on the wellness front, medical issues and eventual goals. It took a while to understand that functional nutrition was different from anything I had ever known. Initially my body and mind rebelled, i was reluctant to adapt and I gave up easily. I wanted quick results ad visible changes. Gradually, the calming effect of a holistic and well-researched approach, the right tools and unfailing support through the program, got me on the right path. Deepa has always been there for me - highs and lows notwithstanding. She is the heart and soul of the program and her commitment to my wellness has been a huge motivator. She has been patient when it came to guiding me to understand what was best for my body and my mind. I had very little knowledge of the benefits of certain foods, supplements, hormonal changes and the need to understand my body rhythms. Food and mood journals helped me understand healthy and unhealthy patterns. I look forward furthering to my wellness journey in the years to come.

Ravi Venkatesan
Ravi Venkatesan, Social Entrepreneur
I highly recommend Deepa to anyone who is serious about their health. Ravi Venkatesan

I signed up with Deepa after a close friend had experienced outstanding results with a very chronic problem. Since i had been neglectng my chronic issues for at least a decade, i decided to give it a try. About a month into our sessions, the Covid clampdown happened completely changing my lifestyle. along the way i had a number of major health issues including hospiralization with Dengue and an infection that felt suspiciously like Covid. Deepa was a lifeline during this difficult year. She is very knowledgeable and practical. she was always available and accessible. i found her concern for my weel being and improvement to be sincere. I wasnt always a cooperative client who faithfully followed her advice. in these instances she showed firm patience. . I am grateful to Deepa for educating me and making me much more aware of what i eat and its consequences for my physical and mental health. Two of my chronic issues have substantially eased. My blood chemistry has improved on 3 parameters. No doubt i would have had better results if i had been more disciplined. I was sad when my time ended and hope to repeat the program in a couple of years. I highly recommend Deepa to anyone who is serious about their health. Ravi Venkatesan

Suparna Umashankar
Suparna Umashankar Advocate
With much love and gratitude,!

Working with Deepa has been a a great learning experience. Her holistic approach to health, i.e. working on healing the body, mind and spirit in tandem, is something that I had never come across. A uniquie and much required approach in the present day and age. Deepa herself is a very calm person, was always just a text message away to advise me on any health issue that I was facing, big or small. Very thorough in her knowledge and professional in her approach, I would definitely recommend Deepa to anyone who is struggling with their health. I was truly blessed to find her at the right time.! ! With much love and gratitude,! Suparna!

Highly recommend Phytothrive. Deepa has extensive knowledge in functional nutrition and wholistic wellness - her approach is deep rooted and methodical. It was truly life changing for me!

Highly recommend Phytothrive. Deepa has extensive knowledge in functional nutrition and wholistic wellness - her approach is deep rooted and methodical. It was truly life changing for me! I have learned so much from Deepa. I am able to better understand the why's and how's of eating for a healthy mind and body. I had chronic feet burning, PMS and insomnia when I started consulting with Deepa. These eight months have been therapeutic in so many ways. I do feel empowered by the knowledge and tools that Deepa has painstakingly explained through her detailed notes and chats. I am really grateful for her guidance.

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Shae Leonard @shaeleonard was first introduced to functional medicine at a young age by her mentor and Aunt, Dr Cynthia Coor Shae was struggling with a variety of health concerns at the age of 16 yrs old. Shae also completed an extensive training program with her mentor, a certified anti-aging and functional/regenerative medicine expert in holistic hormone balance. She is also, currently completing a 2 year certification program in functional medicine.

Sleep Supplements:

What is the connection between nutrients and sleep?

Can following diets that might not work induce deficiencies themselves? Can following a therapeutic diet for too long also trigger that?

When is the role of deficiencies in poor sleep? What are some of the very common nutrient deficiencies that impact sleep?

Supplements for sleep can become self prescribed at times. What are the supplements commonly taken for sleep and how they could benefit and what are some of the potential challenges certain people could have?

What are the factors that should play a role in which one we choose to help ourselves?

With sleep supplements, you could get it true but if your sleep continues to remain sketchy over time, it can be a red flag of needing to look for other factors. Can sleep supplements cure bad sleep habits?

How might you get some sleep nutrients from food and where you would need it from supplements?

What are the guidelines by which Shae chooses her personal signature sleep supplements?

Listen to the episodes here through link in bio! #sleep #sleeplessnights #sleeping #sleepingbeauty #insomniac #insomniaproblems #health #sleepislife #sleepingbaby #sleepingbeauty #holistichealth #dream #nutrition #functionalmedicine #functionalnutrition #healthiswealth #foodislife #foodismedicine #foodism #supplements @shaeleonard @himalayan.yogi @phytothrive_yogini @apple_podcasts @spotifypodcasts

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Gina LaVerde @blissedlife has served thousands of clients as a Medical Intuitive/Medium and Mediumship Development teacher since 2007. She’s helped her family and clients get to the root cause of their physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances -- overcoming issues like seizures, autoimmunity, tumours, autism, depression, cancer and more. She teaches a medical intuition training program for holistic practitioners, healers and special needs parents. Her book, “Are You Eating Your Bugs?” details her family’s recovery story including protocols she used to help her son overcome a brain injury.

The Magic Of Dreaming!

• What does Gina mean by medical intuition? How can you become an intuitive healer for yourself?

• How are dreams a way to get intuitive messages?

• Are there different kinds of dreaming? Are dreams related to physiology of systems and the quality of sleep?

• How do psychic messages come to you through dreams?

• What does psychic diet mean and how is it connected to dreaming?

• What do some dreams symbolise?

• How can we decode the hidden messages in our dreams?

Click links in bio to listen! @himalayan.yogi @phytothrive_yogini @spotifypodcasts @applepodcasts

Five star rating and review from @annelemonswellness on Apple #podcast #podcasts #podcastinglife #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #newpodcastalert #podcastshow #podcastcommunity #applepodcasts #itunespodcast #newpodcast #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #googlepodcast #podcastcollective #podcastmovement #sleepconsultant #sleepexpert #sleepcoaching #sleepcoach #sleepsupport #sleeptraining #sleeproutine #safesleep #mindbodygreen #liveinspired #nourishyourself #mindbodyspirit #holisticwellness #holisticmedicine via @phytothrive_yogini @himalayan.yogi @applepodcasts @spotifypodcasts ...


Jodi Sternoff Cohen @jodi.cohen23 @vibrantblueoils a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, functional practitioner and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, where she has combined her training in nutritional therapy and aromatherapy to create unique proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils. She has helped over 50,000 clients heal from brain related challenges, including anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmunity. For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centres, conferences, and corporations on brain health, essential oils, stress, and detoxification.

She has been seen in The New York Times, Wellness Mama, Elephant Journal and numerous publications. Her website, www.vibrantblueoils.com, is visited by over 300,000 natural health seekers every year, and she has rapidly become a top resource for essential oils education on the Internet today.

Aroma Oils To Boost The Brain & Heal Your Body:

How did Jodie come into the world of essential oils and brain-related issues?

What actually happens in your body physiologically in perpetual stress?

The vagus nerve is key to the whole process. What is that, and how does it play a role?

What is the ‘parasympathetic healing state’? How can you shift into the parasympathetic healing state of the nervous system?

What is the unique practice that Jodie suggests for anxiety?

Jodie says there are 5 steps to regaining control of health. Do essential oils help with each step?

Listen to the episodes by clicking the link in the bio #podcast #podcasts #podcastinglife #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #newpodcastalert #podcastshow #podcastcommunity #applepodcasts #itunespodcast #newpodcast #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #googlepodcast #podcastcollective #podcastmovement #sleepconsultant #sleepexpert #sleepcoaching #sleepcoach #sleepsupport #sleeptraining #sleeproutine #safesleep #mindbodygreen #liveinspired @phytothrive_yogini @himalayan.yogi @applepodcasts @spotifypodcasts

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There is good reason why Julia Worrall @julia.worrall.rn (aka The Sleep RN) is asked to speak at conferences, high-level meetings, and be interviewed for popular medical podcasts all over the world: this highly sought-after expert in sleep and airway health has quickly risen to the top of her field by connecting what was once thought to be disconnected. The result has changed lives and revolutionised medical practices around the world.

As a passionate Airway Advocate and mentor, she continues to march forward on her mission to drive innovation research, proclaiming the importance of treating sleep to manage--or better yet, prevent disease by creating area-specific education, testing, and treatment options for unique populations.

“Sleep and Airway Health”

Julia is a highly sought-after expert in sleep and airway health and has quickly risen to the top of her field. What brought her towards this field of expertise?

What is airway health?

Julia speaks about the face as the conduit for good sleep. What does that mean?

How does pregnancy impact airway health and how does the mother’s airway health impact the baby?

How would someone know what is the status of their airway health?

What are the ways to recognise if you have challenges with airway health and sleep? Are there tools that you use to screen someone for airway health?

How important is nasal breathing compared to how dangerous mouth breathing can be? What does mouth breathing trigger in your physiology?
Listen to the episode by clicking the link in my bio #podcast #podcasts #podcastinglife #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #newpodcastalert #podcastshow #podcastcommunity #applepodcasts #itunespodcast #newpodcast #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #googlepodcast #podcastcollective #podcastmovement #sleepconsultant #sleepexpert #sleepcoaching #sleepcoach #sleepsupport #sleeptraining #sleeproutine #safesleep #mindbodygreen #liveinspired #nourishyourself #mindbodyspirit @phytothrive_yogini @himalayan.yogi @applepodcasts @spotifypodcasts @julia.worrall.rn

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© Phytothrive. Yogasopanam Wellness Pvt. Ltd., brand owners

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Truth is tricky. It’s so easy to try a new diet or protocol and slip into denial over symptoms that arise. A classic version of this is missing a period after intermittent fasting but trying to ignore it. For a woman your cycle is as vital in information as a lab test!⁣


Have you tried a new diet or protocol and ever convinced yourself that it’s working for you just because you’ve lost a lot of weight? Weight loss has become the highest parameter of efficacy even when there is chaos happening within which can include and not limited to:⁣

💛Frequent headaches ⁣

☸️Dysfunctional cycle⁣

💮Low iron or B12 within few months⁣

💜Frequent fevers and coughs⁣

💛Bad skin⁣

☸️Poor quality of sleep even if you are sleeping nine hours⁣

💮Mood fluctuation that includes anger, sadness and overwhelm⁣


Weight loss should not be enough if all this is happening as well. Health should come before anything else.⁣

#womenempoweringwomen #womenforwomen #womenoftheworld #womenstrong #empowerher #womenofimpact #sheinspiresme #holistichealing #holistichealth #holisticwellness #naturalhealth #naturalwellness #gutmicrobiome #nourishtoflourish #holisticnutritionist #integrativenutrition #foodasmedicine #foodmedicine #eatwholefoods #hormonebalance #hormonehealth #womenwellness #naturalmedicine #integrativehealth #microbiome #eatforhealth #immunityboost #healthyfoodadvice #healthyfoodguide #goodnutrition via @phytothrive_yogini @himalayan.yogi

Fasting is great! But I’m seeing a lot of people who are unable to get benefits from this ancient practice. My guess is that this has a lot to do with sequence, present diet, level of stress and what’s happening within their body.⁣


Some of the indications that the specific fasting approach you are following is not working for you are:⁣

💙Feeling more stressed and having poor resilience to stressors around you. This can include feeling weepy, angry or overwhelmed.⁣

💙Struggling with fatigue and forcing yourself to get through the fasting period irrespective of tiredness, dizziness or giddy.⁣

💙One of the greatest signs of impact is struggling with sleep. This can include inability to stay asleep and not being able to stay asleep for enough time.⁣

💙Not getting a period when you have always had a perfect cycle is a huge red flag. If your body thinks that it’s a state of emergency it shuts off reproductive function and you can miss ovulation and menstruation. I’ve actually heard women say they are happy about missing a cycle but this is really dangerous!⁣


Does this mean fasting is not good? Far from it! I call the fasting approach that I use in practice as Strategic Fasting. This refers to using fasting techniques in specific ways at specific times with specific foods in the feeding window. It can be immensely therapeutic provided you bring it in correctly. ⁣

#womenempoweringwomen #womenforwomen #womenoftheworld #womenstrong #empowerher #womenofimpact #sheinspiresme #holistichealing #holistichealth #holisticwellness #naturalhealth #naturalwellness #gutmicrobiome #nourishtoflourish #holisticnutritionist #integrativenutrition #foodasmedicine #foodmedicine #eatwholefoods #hormonebalance #hormonehealth #womenwellness #naturalmedicine #integrativehealth #microbiome #eatforhealth #immunityboost #healthyfoodadvice #healthyfoodguide #goodnutrition via @mysleepwhisperer @himalayan.yogi

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It’s so strange that so many women do not place stress as the greatest root cause of all their menstruated challenges. One episode of high stress can wreak havoc on your hormones and impact the flow of your cycle. This is why you’ll have an early period, a later period, no period or a heavy period after you’ve had an argument with someone or a bad day at work.⁣


🌸The reason for this is that your body takes cholesterol and produces both cortisol which is the stress hormone and progesterone which is your sex hormone. ⁣

🌺When your body thinks that it is a state of emergency then it shuts off non essential functions including the production of sex hormones. ⁣

🌸Instead it prioritises the production of your stress hormone cortisol. ⁣

🌺This means you can go a whole cycle without ovulation or making progesterone.⁣

🌸This makes you stressed, anxious, unable to sleep, overwhelmed, depressed and a whole lot more!⁣


Women’s health and women’s bodies are beautiful spaces where there is harmony deep within. Your body just tries to help you when something is off. The beauty is that you can bring everything back on track with the right steps in the right sequence. If you want to guide your health back to harmony, reach out!⁣

#womenempoweringwomen #womenforwomen #womenoftheworld #womenstrong #empowerher #womenofimpact #sheinspiresme #holistichealing #holistichealth #holisticwellness #naturalhealth #naturalwellness #gutmicrobiome #nourishtoflourish #holisticnutritionist #integrativenutrition #foodasmedicine #foodmedicine #eatwholefoods #hormonebalance #hormonehealth #womenwellness #naturalmedicine #integrativehealth #microbiome #eatforhealth #immunityboost #healthyfoodadvice #healthyfoodguide #goodnutrition @himalayan.yogi @mysleepwhisperer


The essence of any nutrition is for restoration of balance in your health. Find the right balance with Phytothrive’s unique bioindividual approach to nutrition.

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