Sleepwhisperer Podcast

Sleepwhisperer Podcast

“Knowledge shared  Enhances the Soul. The journey to your soul is through listening.  Have you Listen to the Sleepwhisperer  Podcast  yet?.”

Hi! My name is Deepa and I’m your Sleepwhisperer.

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The SleepWhisperer provides the proper tools to positively impact your body and mind with better sleep.

Sleep is the missing piece in healthcare today. It has great potential to change the health journey. This show is about helping people understand sleep, the root causes of poor sleep and how poor sleep has different root causes for different people. The Sleep Whisperer also gives you a better understanding of nutrition and cooking for better sleep, explores sleep therapies and so much more. Do you feel like you have so much to achieve in the world, but just don’t have the energy that is required to do so? Are you someone who struggles with severe digestive challenges that drains you of whatever energy you do have? Do you suffer from anxiety that keeps you awake at night? The Sleep Whisperer can help. If you’re struggling with poor sleep or if you’re a healthcare practitioner wanting to support your clients and patients with deeper information about sleep, you’ll learn a system-based approach built with functional medicine and ancient wisdom.

In today's changing world, It is all the more important that we prioritize Sleep

Transform Your Sleep with Sleepwhisperer Podcast.!

This show will bring you information across genres, coming together with the importance of sleep. As an example, you might learn something as required for your corporate life as managing time zones from a highly successful corporate head. You may also learn about the proper foods to eat to soothe a woman’s hormones for better sleep. The Sleep Whisperer will cover a variety of the struggles and solutions of poor sleep, such as: You want to be more alert, focused, creative and initiative driven, but a sudden night of terrible sleep occurs just before a major presentation and destroys that focus. You think you have tried every possible sleep gimmick out there but nothing works for you. You have started to believe that poor sleep is a part of who you are and it will never ever change for the better. You are constantly challenged by infections of every kind that spiral you into a loop of medication, digestive destruction and deep anxiety. You want to be more happy in your life with your family, but the continuous lack of sleep is making you frequently weepy or angry. You have an excessive appetite and eat a lot of the wrong kinds of food because your body is forever trying to compensate for the lack of energy from poor sleep. You struggle with hormonal imbalance that makes you suffer from acne, mood swings and weight gain, because your body is just plain out of whack, You are a mom who just snaps at your child all day long, but know deep within yourself that it’s just not right to do so, You are struggling with symptoms of early menopause that is affecting your mood, libido and energy, yet physiologically you should not be in this phase for a few more years, You feel constant fatigue but nothing seems to change that, You want to live a great life and know that you have great potential, but you just cannot find a way for your body to support that, Subscribe to The Sleep Whisperer today to begin your journey to a good night sleep!
Transform sleep

We have changed the understanding of sleep for our audience with our Podcast!

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Perspectives have transformed about sleep with Sleepwhisperer Podcast!

a Deepa does an amazing job bringing on experts in the field of sleep. She is extremely knowledgeable. Her genuine intention to help people heal is palpable. This podcast is a must listen to for anyone who wants to upgrade their health. - Dr. Aarti Surya

a Holistic view Deepa’s passion and knowledge shines in this incredible podcast. Her approach to sleep is both nuanced and actionable. This podcast is a must listen for anyone who wants to improve their sleep or simply take a deep dive into the science of sleep physiology and functional medicine. Eagerly awaiting more episodes of the Sleep Whisperer podcast! - Nishi Bopal M D

a Relevant and relatable Deepa is an amazing interviewer. She facilitates beautiful conversations in an artful manner while sharing important information to enhance your sleep and your life.! - Alexandra Stockwell

a One stop sleep podcast! Deepa offers root cause curiosities regarding sleep. Excellent resources to safeguard and consciously care for your sleep. I highly recommend this podcast. You’ll be introduced to “out of the box” practices to heal sleep disturbances. - Danafrost

a A Must listen to Show! I love the various topics that Deepa speaks on in regards to sleep! I recently discovered her show and am loving it! I recommend doing yourself a favor and going to listen. -Ima listener

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