Agonising Anxiety:7 Root Causes

Agonizing Anxiety:7 Root Causes

Agonising Anxiety:7 Root Causes Anxiety is nasty. I am sure you can agree. The number of people suffering from anxiety that is perpetuating is frightening. Do you suffer from anxiety? Does it debilitate your life? Is it that dull anxiety that is present all the time, lying beneath everything that you do? The end of

Detoxifying Beetroot and Banana Stem Salad

Detoxification is a word that has been used so much and in so many ways, and I’d love to know what your take is! Some people trash the concept of detoxification in the belief that such a thing does not even exist. There might be a little truth in their belief simply because it can

Sleep Deprivation: Symptoms & Impact

Sleep Deprivation in my life: Many years ago, when I was juggling yoga teaching and a part time desk job, I found myself being pulled in opposite directions. I still woke up at 3 a.m and went to teach yoga, and then worked at the desk job from noon to the evening. Every afternoon, to