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The Mind of our Body

Most of us today have either fallen in love with yoga, practice some form of yoga or definitely know what is yoga. We know that Yoga means Mind Body Union.

Many decades ago, or many generations ago, life was a wonderful union between people, practices, work and food. We ate what we grew, perhaps in our backyards, we cooked fresh since there was no way to preserve, and we worked enough to sustain ourselves. Everyone helped everyone. Nature was always enough and provided us what we needed to stay healthy and happy. When our body was upset, we either starved or we mixed simple potions which relived us in our own kitchens.

Moving way forward in time to the present, we buy food which is sometimes processed, which might have been grown anywhere in the world, we preserve and reheat food since we have refrigerators, we work so much that we stress ourselves out, we try to relax, struggle to sleep at times, upset our immune system and digestion, and then the food we eat doesn’t work for us. It upsets our system, it doesn’t get transformed to energy, we struggle with deficiencies, the weakest part of us feels the impact, we gain or lose weight and get further stressed.

Our body has a powerful mind. It has a deep psychology. We know that mind affects the body, for when we stress, we feel it. But, the interconnections within this sacred space of our body is manifold and potent.

Exploring the psychology of our physiology

Through this series, we will be exploring this in great depth. From understanding how the synergy between the food we eat and our unique digestion takes place to the synergy to how the state of our physiology affects our psyche.

We will start to break down the gaps between our different systems and how to build more synergy between our different

body systems. We will learn to make better sense of the connection between some medication we take and how it impacts our body. We will also look at how our mind is impacted by both the food we eat and by how we eat our food.

Functional Nutrition looks at the powerful intersection between food, physiology and psychology. It is truly mind body nutrition

One of the deepest and most profound principles of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition is how powerful a role the state of our gut plays in everything from the functioning of all our systems to the health of our mind. This series will explore the science behind this, and what harms and helps. Understanding the reason why, is always necessary in making changes to our food.

Mediators are those that harm us or help us. Knowing our unique mediators takes time and patience. Accepting the mediators that harm us takes patience in ourselves. Together we can make this change, by empowering ourselves with knowledge and accepting ourselves without judgement.

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