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The Terrain of your body

Have you ever become frustrated when you spend a lot of your time in researching your signs, symptoms and diagnosis, only to find that each protocol you try after your own research or by a friend’s recommendation, leaves you with new symptoms, lack of resolution or helplessness? Protocols and magic pills do not exist, and the sooner we can accept this, the sooner we can move towards resolution of our health challenges. With so much access to information in the age of Google, where do we even begin on ourselves?

Danger of using Google instead of a trained healthcare professional

Let me tell you a story that my husband told me. Two friends did many things together. But, they were very different in personality. One always believed that he was the expert only in his field of technology and always went to an expert for guidance, be it a plumber, carpenter, yoga teacher or swimming coach. The other believed that he could research everything and get the answers. They decided to go skydiving togther as something to tick off their Bucket List. Two months later, they were up there on a cliff, under a bright blue sky, and the guide on that particular jump was talking them through some SOS instructions. As they were getting ready to jump, the first man asked his friend how many training sessions he had taken to do this particular jump. His friend replied confidently, none, I’ve googled everything! Now, in reality, a skydiving jump is not allowed if you haven’t been through some training, but this is what happens to us with our health when we rely on Google. It’s like jumping off on a sky dive with knowledge only from Google.

Have you gone gluten free for an Autistic child and felt that going gluten free did not help? Have you removed grains to address your fibromyalgia and felt that your inflammation did not reduce? Have you taken anti candida suppositories for yeast infections to find that it comes back stronger than ever? The reason these haven’t worked is because of two reasons. One, there is no single pill or protocol that is magic, and two is that there is an order to do things. I’ve come across people saying that they tried Apple Cider Vinegar for their digestion only to find their acid reflux really bad. Well, the reason is not that the ACV was bad, but because they needed to bring it in at the right time. Then ACV gets a bad name, when it is really innocuous, and in fact might have been powerful. All of this happens because the person’s terrain was not addressed.

Terrain in your body

What is Terrain? In the world of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition, Terrain is the key to resolution. You might have come across the phrase that it is the environement that matters and not the bacteria. Have you come across a time in your life when you were given potent antibiotics to kill an infection, only to find that it comes back? Science Daily published a study that spoke about how bacteria behave and why antibiotic resistance occurs. They wanted to know what happens when two bacterial species were placed close to each other and found that they compete with each other, eventually changing their form to survive. This is clear evidence that there is a dynamic competition between bacteria within  the human body, the role microorganisms play, how the balance can become upset leading to disease and inflammation and how might we control all of this. The terrain that microorganisms create and the inevitable balance between microbes play in health are being proven again and again. Multiple times it has been found that resolution of health challenges is more profound when the overall terrain of the body is addressed rather than when one infection is targeted, or when one pill is used or when one protocol is implemented. The biggest tenet of Functional Nutrition is root cause resolution by altering your body’s terrain.

The terrain in your body when you have complex health challenges is like a dry terrain with no nutrients and no rich soil to help growth. When we address the terrain and convert that dry caked earth into a rich red soil fertile for the seed to grow, we have more impact on health than when we simply address one symptom or when we use one protocol. And this is also why signs, symptoms and diagnosis are only clues and need not come back. 

Terrain matters

My husband has been called over and over again as Mr Magical Green Thumb and friends sometimes tease him to not tell them how a plant was grown. What has amazed most people is the 100 Pomegranate trees he has grown from the ground up waste of pomegranate seeds after we made pomegranate juice. He only tells them that even fractions of seeds have potent power for growth within themselves. All he did was give them the right soil and nutrients to support that growth. This is what is the power.

You have the power to heal and grow within. You only have to provide the right terrain and the right nutrients in the right order under the right guidance. 


  • Shyam nair

    Thanks for using my insights. If you listen to your body your body more and less to the clutter around you can get a lot of insights, is what I believe.

  • Esi

    That’s a powerful message Deepa, thanks for the info.

  • Ishieta

    thats quite an interesting read. the parallels really bring the point home.

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