The wonderful health reboot of Ramzan

As mankind has evolved over time, as we have brought in structure and community into our societies, traditions in different religions have been one way of structure. In the Muslim tradition, Ramzan is a wonderful opportunity to reassess your diet and lifestyle, and support your body in a process of recovery, provided that it is

How faith and optimism support healing

There was a time when the placebo effect was ridiculed and not considered scientific. In fact, systems of medication which were thought to be based on the placebo effect were not systems with scientific standing. Today, the placebo effect is on fact being used and manipulated to support healing. I recall many decades ago the

A Functional light on Cellulite

Women and Cellulite has been synonymous for so long that we joke about it, we try to beat it, we hate it, we don’t care about it or we just don’t know enough about it. Does cellulite bother you? Do you try many ways to get past it? What does it mean? What do you